Family Plans or Junior Discounts for TR (Feature Request)

I love this idea! My family was sharing a Spotify account until we discovered that for a few dollars more, we could buy a family account for up to 4 or 5 individual users. We weren’t willing to pay the full price for another account, but definitely ponied up a little more to accommodate everyone.


Same here!

I would really like to get my family into TR. I’d think it would work for business model same as family plans for streaming services, plus it would most likely help expand the type of users for TR.

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Another +1 for this potential feature. I currently pay for second account for my wife and my son would like to train as well to supplement his swimming. I don’t want to fork out a third account and i’m out of referrals for him.

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…like Spotify family, or LastPass family…etc.

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Another +1 for this. I have referrals but my 13 yo son and my wife both would probably have an an annual account to manage their training schedules and progress but 2 more annual accounts seems a bit pricey long term. Come on trainer road … you are missing out on some extra revenue here … it’s practically free money people are willing to throw at you to ad some family members …


Hi - Not that I disagree with the suggestion, however the examples used… Netflix, Spotify etc are regularly abused with people sharing accounts outside of household eg other family members & friends.

There is a risk of lost revenue if people in clubs can easily set up a friend as a “member of the household”


+1 here please!

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Hey Stuart - I don’t disagree at all. I don’t want TrainerRoad to lose any revenue. Is there no way to verify the family or household connection? Maybe limit it to a specific IP address? I am not an IT guy but I would guess there is some way??


@Nate_Pearson How about linking a family account to one smart trainer ID? That would keep people from sharing inappropriately for a family membership.


Family< Corporate and even maybe Team accounts.

Got my vote for a Family Account, too. I’d get one in a heartbeat.

You could have it so they can never operate concurrently. As mentioned, it would be possible to constantly switch FTP levels, etc. but that’s a PITA and doesn’t help for tracking training, planning, etc.

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First, I will say I am for a Family Plan or Junior Discount if it becomes available.

One thing to consider is the timing to bring your family onboard to TR. I have 3 boys (9, 11, 13) who race with the local MTB NICA team and they are learning what it means to train. They all 3 have free Zwift accounts until age 16, and it is perfect for them because they are not ready for TR yet, and I stress yet. My two older boys hit about 3 zwift workouts a week and the youngest just free rides for now. I look at Zwift as the kiddie pool for training. They are learning the basics of training, consistency, how to push, how to go deep, how to match cadence, how to make themselves do it when they don’t want to, etc. For now, Zwift is where they need to be until they prove they are really serious about their training. The moment I see one of them get serious based upon their consitency in Zwift workouts - I will be buying them a TR membership to really train to get faster and jump into the deep end of the pool.

This is not a jab at TR by the way. I’m just saying that TR was not designed for kids to goof-off on the turbo. TR is for those that are serious about getting faster or improving their fitness. For this reason, TR is a great value even without a family plan - but I would gladly take a family plan when the timing is right.

A Junior discount would be great as well, and I would gladly purchase when my boys are ready. NICA works out Junior discounts in many areas and cant see why TR could not be apart of it.

Just my 2 cents…

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8yo on zwift:

I’d like my (8&6yo) boys to train so it would be great if TR can accommodate this FR.

I coach several Youth riders in NW England and use TR for indoor workouts and data analysis. It fits very well using Workout Creator to customise the workouts to suit a rider’s capabilities. I have referred several riders who parents manage their subscriptions.
Is it possible to have a multi user license at a discount, as this is available from TP for coaches. It would also be very useful to coaching access to set Calendars on nominated accounts
The multi user subscription would also be useful for families where two or more riders use TR in a household.

Not sure of the answer but I have 3 x 1 month referral codes that I’d share with you if that helps your young riders. Just drop me the emails of the guys and I’ll send.

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I’ve also been thinking of doing the same with my wife and kids. I thought about asking this question on the forum, but I figured it was impossible. What would stop 4 friends from splitting a family plan…that wouldn’t be right. I wonder if there is a way to link that family plan to a specific trainer? But then you can’t ever travel and use your subscription elsewhere on another trainer🤔

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perfect time to bring this in while we are all in lockdown. My other half wants to use TR and so he’s going to use my account for now…while i’m stuck looking after my 87 yr old Mum!

I think it’s too easily exploited and requires quite a lot of surveillance from the TR end if put in place.

A referral bonus for current users could be put in place instead? Say you get a month or two free for every referred user who stays subscribed for 6 months or more?

@Bryce and @Nate_Pearson - genuinely surprised that you haven’t picked up on this thread. Personally, I think this is a great opportunity to build your base and advocacy - and far more effective than Plan Builder Pop-Ups!
The Zwift approach is stealing a march on TR and I’d urge you to look at this.