Failing same workout

Noticing an interesting pattern in my training. Doing the general build and in the second four week block. The week before last I had a half week of training due to travelling and came back for the 7th week feeling very week and failed a workout on thursday (English +5). Failing seemed strange because I don’t usually fail. I can count my genuine fails on one hand.

At this stage I felt like I hadn’t accumulated enough stress to go into recovery (probably a stupid move) so I set my calendar to repeat week 7. I am now in the repeated week. I was feeling strong over the weekend and at the start of this week. But i get to the same workout again today (English +5) and fail in exactly the same place (1 min apart).

English doesnt seem too different to other workouts I have been doing at VO2 level. and it seems odd i failed at the same place.

I am feeling as though recovery is due so will start recovery from today. However, Is English +5 just a hard workout or is it testing me at something different to standard VO2 intervals? More VO2/anaerobic required?

might be that when you came back from the break from your work trip the body just wasn’t ready for that intensity, which isn’t uncommon.

how many days were you off the bike for the work trip?