Failing my workouts, following AI FTP detection

My first TR plan was Polarised Base MV, but I traded out one of the threshold workouts out for sweetspot. In retrospect it appeared to be not that different from doing Masters General Base LV & adding an extra Z2. If you’re going to do Polarised Base, you’d want to like threshold work.

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Small Update.

Just did next threshold workout and I guess it’s the “little brother” to Robion called Pavillon. AI FTP had bumped me 6w down to 282, and I nailed the workout today! :muscle: it was extremely hard and I could not have done 1 min more but really happy I made it through.

Garmin are ranking these types of workouts as VO2Max, so perhaps it’s still set a bit too high, but anyways. Motivation is back!

1 week more and it’s rest week, and I’ll try my best to actually rest :sweat_smile::man_biking:

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