Factor Meals, anyone done them? Looking at the first shipment, and wow

We don’t have anything local, yet. Don’t even have a Whole Foods either. I did contact Amazon about that. (Just save yourself the time, don’t)

There are a lot of meal delivery companies doing what Factor does, but so many of them are kinda similar to this service. We may have to just deal better with it.

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Get a slow cooker, and a rice cooker. Fill both in the morning. Go do your work stuff. Go ride, food is ready when you’re back. If your wife comes back before you, you’ll have made her dinner, without even being there.

Honestly I could never imagine living of ready-made food. Cooking is so much nicer and healthier. If cooking every day is too much work how about having a home-cooked meal one or two days a week for a start?


I’d get an Instant Pot. Doubles as a slow cooker. So many simple, healthy meals can be made in it and made in bulk.

If you really want to do pre-made meals, you could try Trifecta. I haven’t used them but the options under the clean category look a lot better from a health perspective than what you posted. But they are also low calorie so could get expensive quickly.