Extending the Curve

With no races, I’ve picked extending the duration I can hold zone 5 wattages as the focus. Yeah, this is the “extend the duration rather than raising the intensity” thing. I’m setting the arbitary goals of 400 (~115% FTP) and 385 (110%) as the target levels. This week I hit 10min for 110% and 6min for 115%.

Still 20-25min of interval time, but I’ll see how it goes in April to extend the duration that I can hold those levels as opposed to doing 4-5min intervals harder. Maybe that will boost 5min power and FTP, maybe it won’t…

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Daniel Oss workouts for me. Some lsd and tempo but, a ton of Oss type riding. Taking my gravel bike up some steep and rocky stuff. Variable power for 5-15 minutes but at super low rpm.

That follows Olbrecht’s Science of Winning to build aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity before power :+1:t3: