Extended cool down suggestion

It would be nice if the extended w/o time were excluded from the IF and NP calculations. When you’re trying to compare multiple runs on the same workout if you do some EC on one but not the other the IF and NP get diluted. If you ride stronger but take a longer cool down it looks like you were less strong.

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I actually think they do belong with the workout, for full tracking of stress. They are part of the ride and your overall stress picture.

The better way to get what you want is to make your own interval that excludes the extensions. You can set the precise range you want covered, save that as an interval, and it will have just the stats for that interval.

I didn’t say to take it out of the tss. Only not to calc it in the IF and NP. If you go out and kick ass for an hour, but have an extra 15 to spin down, the spin down will make it look like you slacked off. If you search your records by work out you’ll see all your previous runs. But you can’t compare them if you’re putting in different ammounts of cool down. Going in to set an interval is a pita. It would be much more convenient to be able to see “hey, I did Baxter last month at 175np. Today I did it at 180”. But that doesn’t work if you tacked on 5 minutes of cool down.

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Maybe you’re worrying too much about what the data says? Why not just end the workout and spin away for as long as you want? What your suggesting also just lets people fudge the data because it’s actually inaccurate. If you want a high NP just skip the warm up as well.

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Something you can do is visualize the workout in the trainerroad website and select the time range you are interested in (excluding the extra cool down); this will give you the IF and NP, and how they compare against the target, for the period you want. This is what I usually do.