Experiences with Event Insurance

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have experience actually using event insurance like the below (for Belgian Waffle Ride)? I have typically skipped these but could be useful. I’m wondering if you would need a doctor’s note to claim the illness exemption (which would offset the cost of the insurance and probably cost you more than the event!!!).

(looks like upload isn’t working for me. The question still stands!)


I used it this year for BWR NC. I got COVID a few weeks prior. It was easy, but they did ask for a doctor’s note.

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Still working through a claim with Spot/Mutual of Omaha for a wreck in an event in April where I broke mt shoulder blade… So far it is a PITA.

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I have to miss two BWR races after surgery and more surgery. I had to upload proof of injury and a short explanation, but the insurer paid out the full entry fee for me.

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