EVOC Travel Bag Pro or something else?


Flying to Orlando through Atlanta, and someone beat the hell out of my hard hard shell suitcase. They drove one wheel through the corner of the suitcase! It was obviously ruined at that point, and when I got how, I tried to see how hard it would have to be abused to do that, and I couldn’t do it. Someone likely had to stand on the top of the baggage loader and thrown it, hard, to the tarmac! Kudos for the effort, but wow, that was a hell of a lot of force, flying domestic short flights.

Maybe cargo checked bags are handled better, but I’d be worried with a fabric light weight case, and mildly concerned with a hard shell case. Once, flying out of HNL to KON years ago, we hit ‘the worst storm in the big island’s history’, and the severe turbulence was like a hyperactive kid vigorously shaking his toy plane. Anything large and in a flexible case would likely be ruined. Flying into LGA for a 5Boros (bikeless) and we hit a bad storm with moderate to severe turbulence on landing (bad enough the pilots got a dress down from a pilot as he exited. ‘Who flew that landing? That was incredibly reckless! When would it have gotten bad enough to divert? Actually crashing the plane? RECKLESS!! You should be glad it worked out, that we survived that!’ :anguished:) We were the last flight in for hours. That was the last leg of a flight through DTW. (It took us nearly 4 hours to get to the hotel due to ‘flooded roads’, or a cabbie using the weather to get a much bigger fare)

My point is that it’s very much the handling, where things are put on the plane, and also, lesser, how that flight goes weather wise. I drove to 5boro one year, with my bike. We got there, and back, with only a warped brake rotor on the return trip. But it was so awesome to be riding my own bike through NYC. Rental bikes are always harder to get dialed in.

The Topeak Pakgo X looks great. A LBS that was going bankrupt had a lightly used Thule hard case, and I debated getting it, and left. Came back an hour later, and it was gone. I’m not sure I would really get a lot of use out of a case, but have rented bikes in a lot of places where I’d have liked to have my own bike.

Great thread, might get me to commit…

The Thule was an early version of this one. On the reviews, it seems like it has issues with some bikes. And this one is crazy huge, and requires a $175 premium for shipping after purchase. And no one mentioning them makes me wonder if they aren’t worth considering.

I think it should be a minimum requirement for every Bike Bag manufacturer to publish Torture Test results.

Trico Iron Case does this by dropping the case, throwing it out of moving vehicles, running it over with a truck, and even shooting it with a gun. And using cartons of eggs to see if any cracked.

Some of these tests are obviously overkill, but others tests are 100% the type of scenarios you can expect to happen in real life by real baggage handlers. Whether by accident or negligence.

I think another phenomenal thing about Trico, is the owner is honest about the shortcomings of the case. Which are its weight, cumbersomeness, and trickiness to re-pack if TSA is involved in your country. The advantage of some of the soft shell zip-ups is that TSA is unlikely to screw up repacking during their bomb wand test, as long as you don’t overpack your bag.

So it’s a balancing act of: Mitigating risk of Baggage Handlers and/or TSA, maneuverability, packing ease, and weight. The weight and packing is easier to quantify, but the risk mitigation is tougher without a large dataset or published test reports, which to date, I have almost never seen from most manufacturers except Trico.

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I travel 4+ times a year to MTB and I’m a big fan of the DAKINE Bike Roller Bag. Similar to EVOC, slightly easier to pack overall. I put my tailgate pad around the front section for extra padding. Fits my XL mountain bike no problem. (Remember to rotate the fork 180 degrees for better fit)

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Wow, this thing seems like using a Star Case for your bike! It looks almost literally bullet proof! Bomb proof.

Buxumbox for that fits XC MTB, Road or Gravel bike, would be $1050 if they didn’t charge VAT. Still $1k and usable how many times vs soft sided and with piece of mind that it’s about as secure as it can be short of a custom Pelican case?

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Buxumbox won’t tolerate a bike with an integrated cockpit. That’s a lot of money to spend for a case that won’t fit a modern road bike.

According to them… the Ventoux “The only option for outsize bikes and challenging applications such as highly integrated cockpits.”

I stand corrected, didn’t realize they had different boxes, I only saw the ‘Tourmalet’ Box. Moving on, it weighs over 30lbs, gonna be hard to get it under most airline’s 50lb limit.


Yep, I am already right on the edge when putting my Gravel bike & shoes into my Evoc Pro.

Fact is we’re gonna pay a price for piece of mind. $1k for a case and $100 every time you fly with it worth the money? I have no issues flying with my Ti Gravel bike in an EVOC Pro, but my Carbon Scalpel? :grimacing:

United allows up to 70 lbs….dunno about other airlines.

Southwest is 100 lbs. Westjet is 100 lbs.

And the more I look at southwests policy, the more I think they are saying it has to be less than 63x80 inches. Which is huge.

FWIW I have the same bag and have flown with a large Top Fuel that has the integrated RSL bar/stem. Didn’t need to pull the post (just dropped it) but I did have to take the bars off, that’s fairly trivial though. Actually, I tell a lie, I borrowed a mate’s bag but after seeing how well it worked I bought one for myself. And I could get it under 23kg (with Minions!) so didn’t have to pay excess baggage.

I was close to pulling the trigger on one, but saw on another forum a post from someone who worked with a bike touring company warning against them because of the number of issues they’d seen.

Yeah it’s no issue with MTBs, my large Spark fits fine. However, the Checkpoint SLR (gravel bike) has a seat mask so there’s very little ability to lower the saddle on a size 58. The inner post that is attached to the frame sits quite high and just barely fits.

It is possible to remove the whole IsoSpeed that attaches the seat post to the frame, but that’s even a bigger fuss.

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Only if you’re flying first class, or have status. For domestic, International could be/usually is different.

Book a flight and try it, let us know how it works out.

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Where I am I would rarely ever need to fly SW, but if I do I will.

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I’m getting ready to fly with my Cannondale Scalpel with Lefty and this is what that work around looks like.


And here’s my Scalpel all the way in the bag. I had to removed the rear Mech and rear brake caliper as they were a bit too close to the back of the bag. The fork mount pushes everything rearward in the bag, so accommodations need to be made.

It weighs in at 51.6 lbs with wheels, pedals and discs in the bag with the rest of the bike. The lefty mount weighs about 2 pounds all by itself.

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