EVOC Travel Bag Pro or something else?

It’s always 50% off.

Probikekit used to have it even cheaper, but they stopped carrying them.

Slight correction: it’s always 40% off. This is actually a seasonal sale right now for 50%.

Also it wasn’t easy to navigate to the correct page but somehow I found a bunch of bundle discounts. I got mine with the “rain bag” (really just a small duffel for shoes, gloves, gilets, etc.) which has been really useful for going to local races and such. It also came with a bunch of other small accessories like packing bricks and a shoe bag. Pretty sure it was the same cost as the bike bag and rain bag (at 40% off), so it wasn’t any cheaper than buying the two items separately but included the accessories for free.

Called Southwest Air Cargo and asked for estimates, to consider my options before opening a Known Shipper account.

Played phone tag and when she called and asked for weight and dimensions, the only browser tab with a hard shell case was SciCon AEROTECH EVOLUTION X TSA BIKE TRAVEL CASE.

Numbers I gave for the estimate:

  • 70lbs (28lb / 12.5kg case, plus 22lb bike, plus another 20lbs fudge factor for other stuff)
  • 48”x38”x15” (a little bigger than the 115x92x34cm Scicon specs)
  • SMF to PHX (or BOI)

Air Cargo Estimated Costs (one way):

  • $189 (includes $11 taxes) for no declared value / bring your own insurance
  • $211 for declared value of $2600
  • $223 for ceclared value of $4000

BikeFlights with same numbers, door to door and $200 declared value is $197 one-way.

If you’ve never shipped Air Cargo, the process is basically take it to Air Cargo office which is usually on the outskirts (near long-term parking) of the airport at least 90 minutes before the flight. Before arriving you fill out the Air Waybill and bring it to the Air Cargo desk. Thirty years ago I was logging over 100,000 miles a year and most of those trips involved Air Cargo shipments. Its pretty straightforward.

If I move forward with this, the WN process is outlined here:

My local cutoff times:

And picking up / dropping off in my primary destination of Phoenix:


I’ve got the EVOC road bike pro and it’s amazing. Wheels and pedals off and I’m set! Fits my 54 Emonda and Vault with out lowering the saddle. I sat and overlooked all the beauty of Iceland with a smile on my face while my friends were putting together their bikes for 2 hours :slight_smile:

Response to the title of the thread: as far as I’m concerned, there are two types of people who travel with bikes: those who talk about how they never have had an issue with their soft shell bags, and hard shell owners who don’t say a damn word. Get a BikeBoxAlan. I have a Premium Plus and my partner has a Triathlon Aero Easyfit and can’t say enough good things about both boxes. I checked both under my name on United to get them out to Kona this year without issue.


thats a proper website with actual technical info like “will my bike fit.” Sadly (for this convo) I do not live in the UK.

Nor do I. They ship to the US without issue.


If you’re planning to also be over the usual 50lb weight limit I think you’re in for a bad time. TSA can’t put the box back together when it’s just a bike, other stuff is just a risk.

I’ve had times where they forgot to charge us or didn’t even ask what was in the box, but it only takes one time where you’re at the airport and they’re being a pain because your bag doesn’t fit their requirements.

Great thread. I have flown with my bike on Southwest many times with an Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro. Never an issue. They weigh the bag every time but never measure the dimensions. TSA will open it up every time so best to minimize what is in the bag so they don’t mess things up. I really think the dimensions on the Southwest website must not be accurate or enforced.

That being said I am considering a new bike with integrated cable routing. I am also considering a new travel bag so I won’t have to remove the handlebars. My friend has the Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro. It is very convenient to pack the bag but it is huge. So large that it is a major issue packing it into a typical car. We barely got it to fit into a Toyota Highlander with all the seats down.

I am also more concerned about protection. Given the cost of bikes these days - who wouldn’t be!! I have heard that the Scicon is particularly vulnerable at the seat stays. I am also thinking about a BikeBoxAlan.

Have the EVOC Pro Bag since 2018. I’ve traveled numerous times over the years with my MTB without issues. Just came back from a trip (bike still in the bag) flying for the first time with my 2023 Checkpoint SLR 9 size 58. It was a tight fit but it worked. Had to remove the seat mask and finagled a bit with the handlebars but made it work. I use extra foam where I see fit to fill gaps. Ignore labels, they’re from my MTB packaging.

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For those using the Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0, does it roll straight? I have the Aerocomfort MTB bag and it always wants to spin in a circle and I have to use two hands to keep it rolling straight. Others I talked to had similar experiences with it.

I have the Aerotec Evolution hard case as well and it rolls perfectly straight. Very easy to travel with and great protection for road bike.

I borrowed a Scicon for a trip to Mallorca last year, and it was great for how easy it was to pack and unpack. It made me think about taking a bike on 1 or 2 day business trips, and I would never think about that with a box (assuming a lot more breakdown work).

It’s disconcerting when you see the bag flipped over completely, but it didn’t do any damage.

I had a discussion with the oversize baggage handler in Atlanta customs just this morning. I was on my way back from a race in Chile. I have a BBA AeroEasyfit and he was unloading a Scicon next to mine. He pointed to my box and said that was the right one to get, that he sees soft cases like the other one get damaged. I also heard a racer at the Chile race had a bike arrive with damaged base bars although I do not know what case he used. This was my first trip with the BBA internationally and it was awesome. Cumbersome but worth it. Previous to this I had a soft sided Bknd Helium and I loved it, just didn’t trust it for a long trip to another continent. So I guess i fall in both camps - soft case user with zero issues and now a hard case user.

it rolls sort of straight, but it takes some manhandling to steer sometimes.

Hot take - there is nothing different in an international flight vs. a domestic flight. The chances of the bike getting damaged is in the handling, not the length of the flight. Those handling aspects are the same whether you fly 1 hour or 15….you move the bike to the plane and then load it. You unload the bike and then bring it to the baggage claim area.


Kind of the same boat. I have the SCION but switch to the Thule all round trip or whatever it’s called. It’s huge but all need to do is take the wheels off. Drop the seat down and turn the handlebars to the side. Only need to take two screws off. Much easier when everything is integrated. But it’s a pain to move around.

TSA can never close it but it gets the job done.

My next bag will be the lotto. I’ll just buy a bike when I arrive :slight_smile: ha.

It is different when the local carrier in a third world country is using the flight to move produce and cargo that our normal domestic flights don’t have to handle. My bike didn’t make it on one flight and lagged me a few days, got snagged up in Santiago. I wasn’t the only one.

It’s a lot easier to get a 1 hour direct flight than a 15 hour direct flight. So more connections means more handling.

I don’t know about EVOC Travel bag (other than Cade having bikes destroyed in them)

But I would strongly recommend AGAINST the Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 bags. The bag has a fatal flaw that leads to broken handlebars. There exist countless reports outside of the TrainerRoad forum, and BikeFlights has even banned it given the number of damage claims around this bag. The only person I know who actually travels a ton with the Aerocomfort and has NOT had an issue, is using cemented PVC pipes to protect the bars and shifters.

I’d look at other bags, or see if the Pika Packworks Stretch works for your 58cm Checkpoint.

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I purposely picked two numbers that bookend the time spectrum of flight lengths….thise aren’t the only options and most people will have lengths in between. In addition, there are plenty of domestic destinations ( or intracontinental destinations in other regions) that require connections.

The point was that the issue is the handling, not the length of the flight.