Everything is vibrating

Just bought 2 new maxxis tire size 26x2.20.
Why do I feel a vibrations on my Handel bars and rear rim is buzzing sometimes and vibrating and I feel vibrations on my bottom bracket whats the cause and how do I fix it

Are these the same model and tire as before, just new ones?

Or are these a different (more aggressive tread, larger size, etc.) than what you had before?

  1. You might just be feeling the “newness” that comes from fresh tires with square edges again vs your older & worn tires.

  2. You might be feeling the difference in design from your older tires depending on block size, spacing and quantity.

  3. If the new tires are bigger, it’s possible they are rubbing your frame and/or fork where a smaller one cleared.

Those are the quick considerations that come to mind.


I’d guess this. Rubbing at the chainstays?


The older one is cst 26x1.95
And its not rubbing anywhere

What surfaces is this happening?

What pressure in the tires?

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Every surface idk the pressure doe

Btw sometimes it goes away but it comes back

Are you sure? Given the tire sizes you mentioned, your bike sounds as if it is older, so you could e. g. have some play in the hubs or uneven spoke tension. This would cause rub once you put weight on the bike, but not necessarily when it is standing still.

New tires should at best create a buzz as if a swarm of angry bees is following you. I love that sound, because it tells me I have new shiny tires on my bike. But there should be no vibration.

What is e. G. Yes there’s a play on the hub

The hub is the thing that the axle of your wheel connects to, the cylindrical thing in the middle of the wheel. Play means that there is movement when you wiggle the wheel to the left and to the right.

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There’s a movement