Everesting Recovery

I completed my first Everesting on 22nd December 2023, the summer solstice here in Australia. Here’s a link to my blog post on the event. TSS for the Evererest week was 18% above the previous week, so I’m hoping for a super-compensation bump afterwards.

My question is how long should I allow for recovery after the event? I am on the mid-vol rolling road race plan and had the Everesting in my training calendar as a C event, with two B events, a 55min Team Time Trial and 1h45m Gran Fondo, 13 & 15 days after. I took 4 full days of rest and resumed riding in zone 2 and now feel very good. Overnight HRV is back to normal. I based the recovery timeframe on feedback from my Garmin and also from experience after resuming VO2 Max training 2 days after a 9hr ride of 235km and 4500m, and digging a very big hole for myself.

I would like to hear from coaches and Everest riders on their experience what worked well and what did not.