Everesting: Mission Accomplished

Latest cycling challenge done and dusted: Everesting one of the local hills. Powered by TrainerRoad.

One of the hardest days on the bike I’ve ever had, and certainly the longest. I had planned on it taking around 20-21 hrs to complete (including stops). As it turned out, it took 24 hours: 19 hours 14 minutes of actual riding, and 24 hours and 6 minutes in total (including stops).

I needed to ride 72 ascents of the climb up to British Camp (from the Ledbury side) in order to complete the challenge. To make sure I did enough to qualify I did a few extra ascents, just in case my bike computer was giving me inaccurate readings. So instead of 72 ascents I ended up doing 76, which came in at 31,374ft instead of 29,029ft (tiredness and fatigue affected my ability to count or think properly towards the end!).

Now for some well-deserved rest (and pizza and red wine).



Massive congrats! Efforts are really consistent though you can see you were feeling it on a few near the end! :smiley:

What did you do for support, food etc, someone you know help or did you stash it all somewhere?

Thanks. I had a few friends turn up throughout the day to ride a few laps and to cheer me on. However, as far as logistical support was concerned, I was self-sufficient. I had a van parked up at my base camp which contained everything I needed (and more!). I took more food than I needed but I wanted to have a bit of variety.


Love it, perfect Everesting setup! Must have been a real buzz driving to location after all that preparation!

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Brilliant, that’s a huge achievement. Congrats!

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Congrats! Your planification seemed on point and you followed your pacing strategy.

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Impressive, well done on completing the mission :smiley:

Virtual one next :wink:


Loving the photo taped to the inside of the door. Was that for motivation or to help you remember who you are as you slowly went mad? :wink:

Huge congratulations :+1:

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Yeah @Cavasta would you consider doing a virtual one on Zwift if we got it going, or is the memory still too painful? :smile:

No thanks. I don’t do Zwift, and virtual Everesting is just not my thing. I might entertain the possibility of doing another outdoor Everesting though and/or a High Rouleurs’ Society attempt (same as Everesting except you do 10,000m of climbing instead of 8,848m).

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:joy::joy::joy: Both! (The photo is of my parents.)

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It was an even bigger buzz driving away!

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Nice, keep an eye out on how things progress on the Everesting threads, it’s possible something might come together both outdoors and indoors in the next month or two :wink:

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I’m amazed that you COULD drive away.

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That’s a great effort. I’m fairly local and know British Camp pretty well having ridden it several times a year for the last few years. It’s gradient is one of those funny one’s that’s just a little steeper than comfortable but I can imagine on every rep you’d look forward to the flat bit at the top! Much respect, tough hill to Everest. :mountain:

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Thanks. All told, it’s not a bad hill. Over the course of my training and during the ride itself, I became intimately acquainted with every inch of the climb. I got to know every rise and fall in gradient - no matter how slight - and precisely where they are. My favourite part was the long straight stretch after the Colwall turning up to the second house halfway up on the left (“Braeside”). This was for me the perfect gradient and consistent enough to get a lovely rhythm going. The section immediately following this - just before it eases off a bit by the small layby - was the steepest. Towards the end of the ride, this part was definitely the hardest. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long. And, yes, you’re right about that bit at the top - a just reward!

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