Estimated FTP increase?

FTP at the minute is 250w but possibly higher as that was few months back. Would 5 x 6 mins intervals at 285w suggest it maybe up.

Just curious so just putting it out there?

Why not do a test, or if you just want to check-in without testing, use the new AI FTP Detection functionality…


Due a test in a couple of weeks but as I said just curious as to peoples opinions.

If “a few months back” is 2-3ish, I wouldn’t trust the current FTP, especially if you have any gut feel it’s off based on how you are handling workouts around FTP.

That single data point you give is not even close to enough info to suggest anything more than a test or FTPD. The one is painless and essentially immediate, so there is no real harm in doing it.

If you feel you want to test, just do it now and ignore the one weeks ahead. No sense in guessing when there are tools in your hands to do better.

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How do you feel with the 5x6mins? How is the RPE? How is your HR? What other workouts have you been doing? Are you following a plan? How does it feel to ride 20min+ at current FTP and how does RPE, HR etc compare to when you tested at current FTP?

Lots of questions and factors that could mean an increase in FTP or not.

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If we do want to look at the numbers and try and have a guess…

Your 5x6min power is about 114% of your FTP.

If I look at my best 6min power this season, incidentally it is also about 114% of my FTP (tested yesterday doing FTP TTE test).

I most certainly would not be able to complete 5x6min at this power and would probably target them around 95% of that number (so about 105-108%) of FTP. If I was able to complete 5x6min at 114% I would expect that my FTP has gone up…

As above, YMMV :slight_smile: