ERG mode not working on MacOS app with Tacx Flux 2

Is anyone else seeing this issue? The TR MacOS app doesn’t control the resistance on my Tacx Flux 2 in ERG mode, the resistance seems to be constant regardless of power requirements or my pedaling. The app sees the trainer just fine, and displays the power, just doesn’t control the resistance properly. Other apps on the Mac work fine with the trainer, as does the TR app on iPhone.
Is this an issue for other Mac users?

Have you filed a ticket with TR support? TR support can see extra info / logs that might help diagnose this issue, so contacting TR support is the fastest way to try and get this fixed

Hey @mokes,

It looks like you’re working with Reynaldo from support on this one. He’s one of our best, so I’m sure things will get sorted out! :technologist:



mokes, i’m on the same trainer and interested in the outcome / solution.


@adski turns out there is an issue with Tacx trainers and the MacOS TR app. In you’re hitting this problem file an issue with TR and they can do a temporary workaround while working on the bug which will hopefully be resolved soon.


I’m actually having the same issue on the MacOS app, albeit with an Elite Directo trainer…

@Addo open a support issue with them, because at this point they think it’s a Tacx only issue

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You should have a message from me in your inbox via your open support ticket.

I’ve changed a setting on the backend of your account and things should be working again. :man_mechanic:

Let me know what you find!

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