ERG Mode no longer working?

How’s this?

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@Vincent313 I had what may be a similar problem a few days ago. The workout was White+2 but I don’t think the workout was the problem. Erg mode set the first power but would not change it after that. If I manually adjusted power up the trainer would respond at first but then return right back to the first warm up power interval. Tried a different workout, same result.

I ended up killing the TR software with extreme prejudice, re-launching, allowing software updates, and then all was well with the world. Haven’t had any issues since. I’m running from a windows 10 laptop.

Probably a similar type of error, but not the same as I only encounter problems when really going massively down in Watts. Good to know that your problem was resolved!

Today is a rest day but tomorrow I’ll first do a calibration from the Tacx app before training. All my iPhone software (e.g. the iOS and the TR app) are up-to-date.

By the way as you can see in my screenshot I tried to play with cadence, but no luck.

Looks like a disconnect during the 2nd interval. I’ve had that a few times. It’s like the trainer does not receive commands from TR anymore, but still broadcasts (I assume power is coming from the trainer, maybe cadence too). My generic solution to those have been to disconnect power to the trainer, count to 5, and reconnect. This is a very scientific solution, of course.

(My daughter got to recognize the audio sequence of trainer stopping, pedals unclipping, a little grumbling, pedals clipping back in and trainer spinning back up as “a few problems this morning” from her adjacent bedroom)

I had this problem twice, im using a Tacx Neo 2 power matching powertap p1 pedals.

1st: The problem was resolved updating the tacx neo 2 firmware.

2nd: BLE was fighting ANT + connections.
I had 5 devices connected to the TR app
1.tacx neo 2 BLE, 2.tacx neo 2 Ant +, 3. Powertap p1 BLE 4. Powertap p1 ANT +, 5 Heart rate monitor Ant+… to fix the issue i eliminated the ANT + devices exempt the heart rate monitor by telling the TR app to forget these devices… so now i was left with 3 devices connected and ERG back online…in summary… have all your power sensing devices either in BLE or ANT +… dont use both at the same time, they will fight each other and erg will not work

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Many people (me included) use both BLE and ANT+ connections in parallel, mostly to run TR and Zwift together. I even do it with the apps running on the same platform. As long as you make sure only one app is trying to control power, you should be fine. And the symptoms of “the power control fight” are much more obvious - the power demand is all over the place from the get go. Trust me, I’ve forgotten to unselect the trainer in Zwift often enough to know.

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In my case the power would stay around 50 watts, no matter how you pedaled, not “all over the place from the get go”… just thought id throw out what solved my issues in case it works for someone else.

Thanks both. The firmware turns out to be up-to-date as well.

I believe rocourteau’s solution would work but the problem is most likely consistently going to turn up. So I’m guessing now it’s in the corner of multiple devices and multiple ANT+/BT connections. In sum: Tacx, iPhone with TR, Polar HR monitor, Garmin FR945.

What triggers my attention is: ‘‘Make sure only one app is trying to control power.’’

How? And which? (I guess TR/iPhone.)

Are you running multiple apps? Did you make sure the Tacx utility is not up and running? Any other app that may want to talk to the trainer (Zwift, Sufferfest, whatever?)

One app, only TR. But the Garmin is also recording the workout and as such shows power - with emphasis on shows because it doesn’t do anything with/to it, since there is no programmed workout running or anything. It’s just the trainer broadcasting to both TR and Garmin, with TR in control (assuming).

Your case sounds more like the Tacx trainer losing its mind and stopping reception of power commands. I’ve had that before, solved by switching to BLE and moving the antenna closer. My (unproven) hunch is that the Tacx firmware gets lost on temporary disconnects; it resumes data transmission when the connection is recovered, but something in the power control transactions gets lost. I do know that whenever I saw that it was associated with signal losses (which is not visible in your example), and recovered when cycling power to the trainer (forcing a firmware restart).

Alright, I’ll try and put it in BLE mode and also will put the trainer closer to the iPhone. Will let you know after tomorrow’s workout how everything went!

And here we go! No problems today.

Did a Tacx calibration before starting and put my iPhone/TR as close to the Tacx as I could. Ran Garmin FR945 and Polar H10 parallel without problems.

Oh and Garmin estimated my FTP higher…

Hi Vincent313,
I have a Garmin FR945 and i would like to record the training effect of the TR workout.
Yesterday I did my first workout with Drivo|| controlled by my SamsungA50 in ANT+.

How do you record the data with your FR945? Simply running a free indoor cycling activity?


Hey Riccardo,

Not exactly: whenever you put the FR945 in indoor training mode, it brings you to this menu, right, with the options of Free indoor cycling activity, Follow workout, etc.

I ignore that by pressing the Back button (bottom right side of the watch) after which it brings you to the general overview of any activity and you can simply press Start (after it connected to the trainer, of course). I always make sure to start TR recording before Garmin, so you don’t get the ‘who is in control’ feud between them.

Until now it worked really well, with the distance covered being almost exactly the same between TR and Garmin.

Hope this works for you as well!

Thanks Vincent,
I’ll try this evening with the Ramp Test :grin:

Best regards

Did it work?

Sorry, I’haven’t replied.

Actually i have found this solution: i record the activity “Bike indoor” but switching off the connection with the “Trainer” on my 945 but leaving enabled power, speed and cadence.

So, yes. Thanks a lot

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Hi guys,

I am experiencing a very similar issue with erg mode not working…

My workout simply won’t operate in erg mode despite it being clearly selected in the settings.

I have deleted and reinstalled the TR app. It’s Bluetooth connected. I’m not running any other apps during the workout. Still no erg mode…

Any help / advice would be so greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.


I suggest contacting for starters, if you haven’t already done so.

For now, how about sharing a screen shot of the Device screen for your trainer?

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