ERG mode confused

So I was so confused about ERG mode in iPhone and computer. My smart trainers is Magene T300.

First time I was used computer to train. I think everything is kinda okay, sometimes my signal is weird. But that’s ant+ problem. You can see the yellow line is smooth.

In few days, I decided to use my iPhone with bluetooth to train, but you can see the picture. The yellow line just up and down.

Does anyone have this problem?
How should I fix it?

It is normal as power is never smooth.


Yeah that looks fine to me. When you see perfect intervals on other rides it’s using artificial “power smoothing.” In reality it always looks like yours.

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I understand, thank you!

Understand! Thank you!

@LewisHsu, you already have your right answer, but to tweak you can go into settings.
“Power smoothing”. I believe a default recommendation is 5 seconds.
The shorter the duration the more variability you will see in your yellow line.
You want it short enough to catch any sprint like, short duration efforts, however, you don’t want it so long it takes too long to react and the power reading to change.

How do you like your magene t300?
Is this the first smart trainer you have ever had?
I am in the market for a smart trainer and am curious (I am using a dumb fluid trainer with my power pedals).

  • That is not true. The Smoothing setting only controls the live digital Power value displayed above the Target Power. It applies the selected value, to give a more “stable” number as seen.

  • The intent is to keep us from chasing the highly variable values that are typical in “raw” power data with no Smoothing applied. It is a simple rolling average of the power data value, over the selected timeframe.

  • The Smoothing setting does nothing to change the yellow power graph. This is true for live work as well as the finished workout for review. There is no impact on the graph from the setting in any way.


a-ha, thanks for the clarification, I thought it affected both the line and power in the same way.
Good to know, thanks.

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It’s a common assumption, and one that would make sense to have in the setup. But it’s not the way they have it set, for whatever reason.

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Need to try this power smoothing.

I have the T300 and at this moment cannot recommend it as a data source for power. When the unit warms up, it will feedback a higher power than you actually put out. This means that the later intervals get easier. At first I always thought that I just need very long time to warm up, that the little pain in the legs goes away. Now that I use my Magene crankset based power meter that illusion is gone. I was once comparing the value of the 2 and I think that it was overreporting 2-5% of power. Not ideal.