Enve wheel hubs selection

Hi, I am looking for a set of ENVE wheels with rim brakes. I found little information on hubs characteristics outside of weight. Enve Alloy vs Carbon hubs.

I live in a pancake flat area and the few hills are usually steep but short ( about 1km). I am a sprinter type so rigidity is important to me.
However, I travel frequently and like to ride in hilly or mountainous areas. Therefore weight has some importance as well. I was considering the enve carbon hubs for saving about 100g. I’d like to know how they compare to the envy alloy ones.

All in all if the enve alloy hubs are more stiff I will likely choose them as the races I do are mainly flat and maximum power is key.

Does anyone of you had some feedback to share on Enve wheel/hubs? Thanks in advance.

I have some enve 7.8s on my tt bike. I chose the ceramic Chris king hubs. No complaints at all, but I don’t sprint on them. The wheels are great and I have ridden them on my road bike and I’d probably ride them in a flat crit.

I spoke with Enve directly before i purchased my wheels. Im a bigger guy 200lbs and put down a lot of peak power and was looking for the stiffest setup possible. They directed me to get their setup with their Alloy hubs, something with the way they are designed they give the best option for lateral stiffness due to the increased size of the flanges. I have had them now for over a year and I love them. No complaints here at all.

Thanks for your comment it’s very helpful. Do you know which version of the carbon hub was available at the time? I saw a comparison of lateral stiffness and the gen1 seems to have issue indeed. The gen2 is more stiff and even has more lateral stiffness than the dt240 or chris king. The gen2 has the same design than the alloy version. It is available since December 18. When did you bought your wheel?

I purchased mine in March of 2020. Enve 5.6s. Running on them on Trek Madone.

Get the Alloy hubs. The carbon hub have a rep of the shell breaking. I want to say I heard that on the CT podcast.