24h MTB hub options?

Looking for thoughts on the 24h hub options to lace up on to Enve m525 hoops. The DT Swiss 240s seem like the best option. Shying away from Chris King on weight and drag, contemplating Project 321, and disappointed that the there is not a 24h option with the new i9s…really wanted a silver hub, but that doesn’t appear to be an option, unless I go with the Chris Kings.

Have you looked at Onyx hubs? Heavy but amazing hubs! oh and the can lace it up for you on a Enve rim. The hubs are built in MN.

If you are shying away from Chris King for the weight, then the Onyx just might give you an aneurysm :wink: . That said, I personally have a set of Onyx that I will never give up. The performance is unrivaled, but not the best fit for an XC wheelset. I’m really hoping they release the new pared down version of their hub that I’ve seen floating around in the prototype phase over the past year. I’ll probably buy another set.

I also have a set of Project 321 hubs and I’m a big fan of those as well. The engagement is much better than DT 240s and they have not given me any issues so far. Plus I’m a sucker for color options :joy:.

And of course, you can’t really go wrong with DT Swiss 240s either. They’re not flashy or sexy, but they are dependable, easily serviceable, ultra-reliable, and lightweight.


Apparently, Enve placed a special order for the new i9 in a 24h configuration, but only in black…that’s probably the ticket.

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I use 240s on my carbon rims with the 54 POE . Love them, really light and no issues or complaints regarding them. They have a nice buzz to let people know to move out of my way :wink:. Sometimes throw in some extra backpedaling when I’m really annoyed when they don’t let me pass (only in a race). Us 40 yr old age groupers are always passing those slow 30 yr olds :leg::hammer:.

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I’ve become a huge fan of Hope hubs. Good price, great durability, interchangeable, weight is so-so, and they come in SILVER!

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I had Hope hubs on my MTB tandem for 15 years (98-2013). Never had a problem.

The maniacs on the Just Riding Along podcast like DT Swiss hubs

Onyx is the bomb. Well worth the extra weight.

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