Zip NSW 202 Disc: Anyone with experience of riding with them?

I’m looking for a high-end/lightweight tubeless disc wheel and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the new Zipp NSW 202’s? It’s probably wither these or ENVE SES 3.4’s, but I’m open to other suggestions. This is for a road bike which is being set up for Alpine endurance racing.

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I have 2018 202 NSW Discs on my BMC Roadmachine and just used them for Haute Route Asheville (e.g., Day 1 = 102 miles with 11000 ft climbing). They’re set up tubeless with 25 mm Schwalbe Pro Ones. The tires sit every bit as wide as the wheels. They look and ride great, but I haven’t ridden Enves so can’t compare. I got a good deal on mine but it’s hard not to notice that the 3.4 ARs are lighter, wider, deeper and cheaper.

Any specific questions?

I’ve had some older non-tubeless ENVE on an endurance bike, but issues with the supplier and some underwhelming customer support from ENVE have left me with rather a bad taste in my mouth. However, your ‘lighter, deeper, cheaper’ comment is true and maybe I just need to get over it.

I’ve thought about selling the Zipps to try some Enve ARs. I’ll be interested to hear what you do and why!

Some of my thinking goes to the fact I want to ride 28mm tubeless and the Zipp are designed for that size tyre, whereas the ENVE are optimised for 25mm. All reviews I’ve read say ENVE is the one to go for, and if you can squeeze in the AR version, then do that! I’m not sure the latest Cervélo R5D will take the 32mm diameter rim, but if it does with a reasonable (though obviously not UCI compliant) clearance, I’d do that.

Optimized for 28-32mm, with 28mm being the sweet spot for full aero benefits.

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