Endurance Work in Sweet Spot Base?

I was just wondering why, other than during the scheduled rest weeks, there are no endurance rides in Sweet Spot Base Low Volume. Can sweet spot, threshold, and VO2 workouts actually take the place of endurance?

It’s because it’s a trade-off between time and intensity. Without time, TR has to give you enough training load to create physiological adaptations, thus you get stuck with intensity.

You’ll definitely get faster doing mostly threshold and VO2 workouts but those won’t really develop your aerobic system the way lots of long endurance rides will.


I’m doing the medium volume and bumping as much extra endurance on as I can within my time limitations. 15/30 mins onto every workout (got an hour bolted on to antelope+5 today by starting at 6am :sweat_smile:) works a treat.

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Good idea. Thanks!

I just go to 65% of FTP, have a recovery drink and spin the legs out.