Endurance training... wise to do this?

I’m in sustained power build. Now that the weather is better, I am swapping out the easy ride on Wednesday (1h30 zone 2) for an outside ride, and my Sunday ride (which is sweet spot-ish) for a very long zone 2 ride (4-5 hours), to train for century.

However, what to do about Saturday? Is it really necessary to do threshold (intervals of 108% for 1h30, with a zone2/3 at the for anearobic endurance) INSIDE?

I feel that riding outside is more simple for me, so I can typically push 20-25 watts more according to my power meter compared with TSS and heart rate data inside.

Could I just do more extended threshold sessions (2-2h30) outside instead? Or would that lower the effectiveness of the sustained power build?

do the prescribed session and then just finish up the ride at endurance pace. I’m all for riding outdoors as you’re probably training for outdoor events, so good to ride outside when you safely are able to.

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