End Ride early - how far into cooldown can I end a ride, and does ending during cooldown impact AT/progression calcs.?

I see a lot of posts about cooldown but I don’t see one about how far into a cooldown can I quit without TR detecting I am ‘ending ride early’?
In some time-crunched workouts, you know…forget (insert excuse) before hoping on the bike, I have less than the 100% of my time. i.e. 56 minutes instead of the full 60 minutes.
Since I completed the meat of the workout, sometimes I only want a minute to spin my legs out, and/or need to be done.
So just wondering, is it a % of the cooldown interval that you need to complete, or just a minute of cooldown, or all but a minute - before TR says - oh, looks like you ended your workout early - why?
Not looking for any TR secrets to their codebase here, just wondering how much of the cooldown interval needs to be done to avoid the question.
Also, does ending the ride early, in the cooldown, and getting the ‘you ended the ride early’ factor into the Adaptive Training and workout progression level calculations.

AT does not currently count warm ups or cool downs, so end early without fear. Bad, though, if you’re doing more work during those portions and not getting credit for it.


If you hit the actual cool down (within the actual second the true CD starts), it makes no difference at all and you should get the appropriate survey response relative to your workout (not the “short workout” one).

From what we have also heard by those ending workouts well BEFORE the cool down period, they have still gotten the full PL “credit” if they chose the “Time” as the reason for ending the workout early.


I regularly stop workout shortly into cooldown due to time constraints and makes no difference to survey/PL or AT. All good!


Similarly on some workouts with longer warmups or longer recovery periods between intervals I’ve cut time to shorten workout to fit a tight schedule (pause workout and drag time slider in bottom graph). I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a failed survey after doing so.

… just another idea if you further need to find some time :slight_smile:

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