Elite Direto - Cassete issues

I have a Specialized Tarmac SL7 and an Elite Direto XR.
My bike uses an Ultegra Di2 with 11-30 cassette and I put a 11-34 cassette on the trainer. I expected my derailleur to handle the 11-34 cassette since it’s also Ultegra but I don’t know what I did wrong, my bike can’t use all the Cassette cogs. Almost everyone is like the derailleur isn’t aligned and keeps getting noises. I usually can use the cogs 5, 7 and 9 without most issues. Can’t definitely use the rest…
I need some help here.

What is the exact model number of your rear derailleur?


omg THE GPlama? such a fan here! Brazilian salutations here!

Ok so my Tarmac SL7 is the 2022 model with Ultegra R8150 with 11-30t cassette (CS-R8100-12) The other cassette is also the newest one but 11-34t.

Cool, that will take a 34T… If the chain is sized too short there could be issues moving from 30 to 34… maybe.

Does everything work with the 11-30T cassette on the Direto?


I never tried the 11-30t on the Trainer…
Never thought the chain could be the issue with only 4 more teeth but could be the problem here.