Fitting a larger cassette

Hi-I have a 2019 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc. (TCR Advanced Pro Disc (2022) | Giant Bicycles US)

Everything on this bike is stock. I have 11x30 in the back and 36x52 in the front.

Is it possible to fit in 11x34 cassette to this bike? I have no clue what type of cage there is on this bike but it def “looks” long to my eyes. Putting a new chain is not an issue if I can fit in the cassette.

Also, can I get a bigger chainring on top of the 11x24 in the back?

Obvious to all of you, what I want is I want to spin faster on the steep climbs and pedal faster on the descents without spinning out much. Any other ideac/recommendations? Thanks!

If you already have a 11-30 without issues, chances are 11-32 will be OK. 11-34 might be a stretch or impossible depending on the RD you have.


Here is a direct link to the archive info:

It is not listed, but could be either the Short or Medium cage versions:

My guess would be the short, that officially tops out at 30t max. IIRC, you can look on the back side of the RD to find the full model number and learn for sure which you have.


Like @otnemeM said…depends on the derailleur. If it’s an Ultegra short cage derailleur, it’s rated for a 11-30 but would likely handle 11-32 fine. If it’s the medium cage, it’ll do 11-34 or a Sram 11-36 no problem.

Found a thread at weight weenies that might help identify the derailleur.



I think you may be able to employ the Wolf Tooth Road Link DM even if you have the short cage.


Thank you @mcneese.chad this is great now I have a better understanding of the issue. It seems like I have a medium sized (more curved) cage. Glad to see it can fit up to 11x34 on the Shimano web page.

I will order one a see how it goes. Will send an update as soon as I get the new cassette.


This explains the issue well for those who are interested,

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Thank you @FrankTuna , always good stuff on the WW.

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Just remember you DO need the additional spacer on the spoke side of the hub as the 11-34 is slightly narrower than all the other road cassettes. That difference in width occasionally can induce some derailleur trim issues as well, so make sure you give it a spin in the neighborhood before setting out on a long ride.


This is good stuff thanks @webdev511. Does the spacer come with the cassette?

I am 90%+ that it is included. The dealer manual shows the spacer (D) while it is not shown for the regular 11s cassettes in that manual.


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Good to know thanks!

I’m pretty sure it is. I recall opening the package, wondering why I had an extra spacer, just putting the cassette on without it, Discovering that something wasn’t right, reading the instructions and thinking “Oh, that’s what that is for…” :crazy_face: