Educate me on single earphone use (not both earphones)

I live in NYC, and I am looking for a pair of earphones and use only one earbud during morning and evening commute. Roughly speaking, I am not riding in the city. I ride along the Hudson River up north from George Washington Bridge to Yonkers, NY (route), and sometimes I ride on the road, but at 7 am, usually, there is less traffic and I try to ride in back streets rather than big streets.

I knew earphones are not allowed, but I did not know that one earbud is allowed according to NYC DOT. This information can be found under “Safety Tips” and “Don’t wear earphones” (site). They also have .png file explaining that here.
I am also stopping at every stop sign, and following red light traffic laws. I also wait for cars to pass by me safely and always paying attention to my surroundings. I am not here to promote any illegal activities, as I want to promote a good image of cyclists in general.

Now, that portion has been expressed, I would like to talk about what I am looking for.

I would like to use this earbud during the commute and chat with my friends/family as the commute is about an hour or so.

I would like this to be relatively inexpensive, but I am looking at some higher-end models such as bose. so maybe my budget can be less than $200, but I am ok spending only $20 if all the boxes are checked.

I had wireless earbuds without a wire connecting the earbuds, and that has fallen out a few times, so I am looking for one that stays in my ear while riding. The last thing I want is to get distracted by dropping it.

The wind is another concern of mine as I would be chatting with someone, and I have not seen any model that has wind protection fuzzy things that are used by professional film maker.

Oh I have iPhone 7 plus and I need the bluethooth connection.

I would like to have wireless without the wire, but I can see the wired between earbuds can be beneficial in case it falls out of my ear. Again, either way, I am looking for one that stays in ear in motion.

Thanks for reading this far, and I would love to hear your opinions!


AirPods. I use a silicone ear hooks to help make sure it stays in. I have not used them to talk on the phone, but to listen to music with right one only.


Get bone conducing headphones. I just upgraded from a $35 cheap generic set to an Aftershokz Air. They are awesome.

I got them on ebay new for around $80.


Someone gave me a set of beatspro wireless earbuds. I don’t know anything about them or the competitor products, but I ride with just the right one in my ear, which has lasted for a few 5+ hours rides without issue and many shorter rides. Adjustable hook over the ear bends well to stay in place.

I use a pair of Anker Earbuds off Amazon. They are the kind with the wire connecting them though. But they are only ~$25 so they aren’t expensive to try out. Talking while you ride though can be a bit difficult if you are moving at any rate of speed though. It’s decent enough if my GF calls me during a ride just to ask a quick question or get an ETA but I wouldn’t want to carry on a whole conversation like it sounds like you might be looking to do. But if you are commuting and riding slower than it might work well enough.

They have made it through some serious without faltering much so they are certainly worth the $25 I spent on them. They also have the kind without the wire but they are a bit more expensive (closer to ~$75).

I’ve used these for bike deliveries over the last three months. Survived rain storms and rough shifts. They fit my ears great, but your milage may vary.

They do work independently so you can leave your traffic ear open and they shut out the wind pretty well with a tight seal. They have play and pause touch controls, which is nice. Plus, if you don’t like them, you’re only out $30.

I’ve been loving my AfterShocks. They work great and I can still hear my surroundings perfectly.

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i use the stock wired buds from apple. I’ve tried wireless and have small ear canals and just worried and have lost them in the pods. the nice thing about the wired apple is that they play well with iphones and when you need to take them out you can literally yank them outta your year and they’ll just hang there. I use just the right side so i can hear traffic and if i get a call i can shield the mic from wind noise, place it closer to my mouth and the answer/volume button is an easier reach than an ear bud. Plus they never run outta juice. only dis advantage is that you can’t charge while using

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Me too, I just have my phone in the middle jersey pocket, and have the mic ear bud in one ear. Works fine, I did try some jaybirds but the battery wasn’t ideal

just throw a roll of medical tape in your bag. Tape the earbud in.


This is what I use for riding here in NYC, where you need to be aware of what is going on around you and connected with the rest of the world at the same time while dodging taxis and pedestrians. I use a Far End Gear Short Buds 15" Cord Single in-Ear Stereo-to-Mono Earbud for Clip-on Music Players with a Reinforced Cord plugged into a Sony SBH56 Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset w/Speaker. Clip the Sony on your collar for easy access and run the Mono earbud to your curb-side ear.

I use some JVC sport wired earphones with one of the earpieces cut off. Cheap effective and stay in because they are light as there’s no battery in the earpiece.

Yes to aftershockz. I never cycled with headhphones until I got a set of these. - you can still hear everything around you, and they are so comfy I accidentally often leave them on because I don’t notice they are there.

A strange sensation at first, but you soon get used to it. Only draw back is that the sound quality is not brilliant, and max volume could be higher, but convenience and safety outweigh these.

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