[Edited] Read the Intructions If you have a InsideRide Kickr E-Flex!


Note to self - read the instructions, don’t think you know what you are doing.

So this was my fault for not reading the setup instructions, and just thinking I knew what I was doing. Thanks to @mcneese.chad for pointing this out.

I know there is a separate topic on the Kickr E-Flex, but given what happened to me this morning, I thought a separate topic was warranted.

Here’s what happened: I was doing Holt Hill +1 (tempo ride), and the front stand for my InsideRide Kickr E-Flex collapsed - see pictures below. It appears that the vertical struts on mine were held up with a single screw on each side, and the screw on the right side popped out. Luckily I’m okay. But if you have a Kickr E-Flex, please check the screw tightness for the front vertical struts, and if you have a single screw or two screws on each side.

That is definitely suboptimal.

You apparently missed installing the 2 other screws per side (4 total) that are required to be installed by the user. I presume there was a bag of extra screws (at least 4) and instructions for assembly? The unit ships folded, so you have to make sure to install them after unfolding it.

Shots and video below show 3 screws per side (6 total) to hold the vertical tubes in place.

See pics in DCR post:

Related pics from user video discussion about the very same screws:

Inside Ride E-Flex Motion Setup Info

  • Not the most detailed instruction and pictures, but it is covered:

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EDIT - Chad responded while I was typing this so please disregard the questions. He confirmed what I was thinking.

Glad you weren’t injured.

From what I can see on the InsideRide website and DCRainmakers review of there should be 3 screws on each side, is that correct? Also, from Ray’s review the front stand comes folded up and “You’ll simply unfold it and screw-in a few additional screws to lock it in place.” Who did the assembly of the front stand? From what it appears to me maybe the additional screws were not installed but I might be looking at it wrong. If it were me, I would remove all the screws and add a drop of Loctite to each one before re-torquing them.

Curious since I’m thinking of getting one of these once they get some stock.

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