Dylan Johnson's "The Problem with TrainerRoad Training Plans": it's gonna be a busy day around here

Last time I checked, Peloton had three tiers, the most expensive one is $44/month plus $$$$ for a treadmill or a Peloton bike. We can quibble what tiers to compare TR against, etc. but plenty of beginners to cycling that I know paid for the bike and the full amount.


This isn’t something i really care about, so I’m sorry if I come across as looking for a argument (I do that a lot) but isn’t that a little unfair, as you are paying for the bike, most TR have a Neo and something lke a SL7, including the price of the hardware in the price of the software app (which is what he said) as you don’t have to have the Peleton bike to use the Peleton app

Anyway, your words were said in jest, sorry for bringing it down


I am 2 years into structured training using TR and I bet I’ve missed less then a handful of workouts and have followed the plans to a T. I’ve gone from 180 ftp to 341 (Low and mid volume). It may be a lot of intensity but I have always prioritized rest and recover and I have not ever felt burned out. Tbh I hate endurance rides on the trainer and if I had to do mostly endurance or z2 on the trainer I would probably quit… with adaptive training if a workout was too intense mark it has all out and the plan will adjust. I’ve seen amazing results! I understand that polarized is probably better but it’s so boring and tedious and I don’t think I could do that all winter long on the trainer.


Youre obviously young and can handle all of the TR intensity. Good on you.

That’s awesome progress, which plans did you follow?

It is the other way around if you are younger you can probably get away with low intensity stuff and improve but the older you get, the more important it is to do high intensity

Yes but not a lot of it as per the TR plans.


May dad is almost 50 and he has a 350 watt ftp and he follows tr to a T as well🤷‍♂️


Sweet spot base Low and mid

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No build and specialty ?

Let me know when hes 58


I did plan builder I don’t remember what it did for me. I just followed the plan. Rolling Road Race is what I did


Maybe, I guess… I’ve never had a coach…But could we assume that TR is cheaper than a good coach :thinking: and when I say TR I’m referring to the entire eco system… Podcast AACC and the others within the AACC umbrella, as well as this forum…comes a tad bit cheaper, no :thinking:


I hate it when people write off someone’s hard work and good results with some combination of “you’re young/ genetically gifted”.

Can’t you just be happy for someone and the good results they get without attributing their success to something out of their control?


^ THIS ^


Yeah, that’s exactly what I said.

TR is cheaper but not as good.
Good coach is more expensive but better.

If you can’t afford a coach, TR is a great alternative. But it won’t be as tailored to you (even with AT) and will require a fair amount of leg work for most people to fully customize and to root cause any issues or personal adjustments they might come across.

Agree. I love having a coach. I get a plan tailored to my needs but more importantly I have somebody who can objectively tell me I need to rest physically or mentally and schedules times where i have workouts scheduled as “fun workouts” meaning do whatever I feel like doing that day or don’t feel like doing.

But without a coach, I think TR is a good alternative. You just have to be your own objective voice to determine you need to take a break or rest or just do something fun

DJ is the Dollar Store version of @Jonathan .


Here is the one issue I have with DJ, he always talks about his successes or failures, and people have mentioned here what a great and notable rider he is, which I do not doubt.
I have watched a number of his videos, and other than talking to himself in the alter ego he rarely speaks to another person so we can hear what they have to say about his methods or plans.

Why not bring in athletes that you have sold plans to, and show what your plans have done for them. Instead of this what I see is DJ talking about his successes or failures, but it seems he only promotes himself as the success of his plans and you never hear from any clients. TR invites top riders to the podcasts often, and this is where the real testimonials of these top riders can speak to what TR has done to help them become better athletes.

I always feel like TR tries to learn from the responses they get from their guests, actually listening to the reply instead of making assumptions. This is one of the other things TR does well at least in the podcasts I think Jonathan asks for users and listeners to tell what is missing or what they want to see improved or different at least 4 times for every episode.


Do you think DJ makes a significant amount of his money selling plans/coaching? I always assumed he made money from clicks and sponsorships. I know he has plans he sells online, but I never thought that was his main source of income.