Dura Ace going wireless and 13 spd?

I of course should not be on this thread , as I run friction shifters which work with everything from 5 speed to 12 speed. May even work with 13 speed but haven’t tried. No batteries required :grin:


I dont see this happening because their current wireless battery performance is abysmal. I can’t even finish a ride if I get a low battery warning at the start

I have a 4 battery SRAM charger in my garage. 2 batteries sit on it at all times. 4 more are across several bikes. I never have to extend a cable across the garage. Never have to have multiple chargers going. Can charge in my car vis USB while the bike is on car. It’s the easiest charger I can image. And lest you say “see you spend so much effort charging because the batteries don’t last long”. No, I don’ think I’ve ever had a battery die. It’s the opposite. And if I ever did find that my battery is dead, I can swap one from another bike in less than 10 seconds.

I’ve had both. Everything about the SRAM electrical setup is superior.

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the wireless shifters cause a bigger drain on the system than if they were wired directly. If you wire the shifters to the system, the wireless transmitter turns off and better battery life


Yes, I’ve noticed that on my Ultegra Di2. Yes its MORE than when wired, but not crazy more. I could see them making it optional on MtB as well since it would only be one thin Di2 wire from the shifter to the mech, IF you wanted to set it up that way.

Ultimately, deciding which battery system is “better” is fruitless because it just comes down to preference. I’m a Di2 guy. In terms of having to find an outlet near your bike, I’d suggest a portable battery pack like you’d use when traveling as an option if you are in a pinch.

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You are technically correct, but the drain on the shifters is near zero. I’ve had my force brifters on the same coin battery for 2+ years without ever changing the battery.


I will say though, if you don’t check them and have to change the battery in the wild, it’s a real pita.

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Im talking about the derailier’s battery. receiving a wireless signal has a power cost as well

It does, but it’s nearly zero while not riding the bike. That’s why the SRAM app tells you to “shake the bike” when you are using their app to adjust it. Vibration wakes the derailleur up and powers on the radios among other things. That’s why it is advised to remove the derailleur batteries before going for a long drive. If you drove 1/2 across the country with a low battery, you might exhaust battery. Never happened to me, but it’s a thing.

where was I claiming THIS was the problem.
I made a statement that 12sp battery usage is higher than in 11sp due to wireless receiving.