Dura-Ace 9100p power meter

Does anyone have experience with the Factory Shimano Dura-Ace 9100p power meter?

I have the new Canyon Aeroad which is in need of a PM, however, if i go with 4iiii or Stages it does not clear the non-drive side chainstay for the left crank arm leaving me single sided. A less than ideal setup.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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According to @GPLama all right-side power meters for Shimano cranks are inaccurate due to the asymmetric crank design. That includes Shimano’s own, Pioneer, Stages, 4iiii and all others. If I had the choice, I’d look for something else.

If you don’t mind pedal-based power meters, Favero Assioma Duos get glowing reviews from both, @GPLama and @dcrainmaker.

If you prefer a crank-based power meter, a Quarq power meter is the probably the best, most reliable unit. It seems Quarq cranks (which are SRAM Red-/Shimano DuraAce-level) are on sale. (My bike shop offered them to me as a no-cost upgrade for my new bike last Friday.)