Dubai work trip cycling advice needed

I’m staying in Dubai with work for a week and am look for some advice on cycling while there.
The hotel has crap exercise bikes so preferably I’d be able to get out a couple of times.

I’m staying at the Hotel Atana not far from the Palm Jumeriah.

I’m m after some advice on.
Is it safe on roads?
Best time to cycle?
What is the best routes accessible from my location?
Bike hire?
Any other advice?


I have lived there for 10 years, with relatives still living there.

Absolutely not. There are so many people who have died in the pilot community (that I have insight into). Never ride outside of the dedicated built bike circuit that they have constructed in the desert.

Taxi out to the bike circuit.

Early morning or evening :slight_smile:


Is there hire available at these tracks and which one would be the best for me to get to given my location?

Appreciate the advice

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This is the most reputable shop that I know of :slight_smile: Rent Bicycles in Dubai | Cycling | Road, Mountain, Fat Bikes

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There used to be an early morning ride on a Tuesday, that went from the Grosvenor House Hotel on Dubai Marina. Starting around 5am, I believe. It’s on the open roads but with a support vehicle.

There’s also the Dubai Roadsters (run by Wolfi’s bike shop) that do a Friday morning group ride. Again, on the open roads but with several support vehicles.

(It’s been a while since I was there, so I could be wrong).

Not sure whether it was Dubai or not, but don’t they have the longest bike “path” in the world?

Do they have a bike route / path from the cycle hub?

They have some really big bike routes but as I’m trying to make sense of the map of the place, getting from the hotel to a bike hire place and then to the bike hub doesn’t seem to be straight forward

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Al Qudra cycle track:


Yep, this is the one :slight_smile: (that @kervelo) posted!

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This dude has some decent vids on cycling in Dubai, his commute to/from the cycle path looks really sketchy!

Yeh - I’m looking at this track, renting a bike from the trek store which is at the entrance to the track I think. It’s a long ish journey out from the hotel which will have to be via taxi which is putting me off a bit. Everything is juts so spaced out.

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Yeah, it’s all car everywhere… :confused: Car-centric city!

For just a week, I’d relax, swim laps in the pool, lift some weights in the gym, and you can probably suffer 30 minutes a day on the crappy hotel bike if you really wanted to pedal.

Plus you wouldn’t have to pack all your cycling gear.


I have no idea about Dubai, but I traveled a lot. With rare exceptions this is the way to go. Your cycling gear takes up a crap ton of space.