Dropping high cadence drills?

my usual cadence is between 95 and 100 rpm, sometimes even 105 rpm so all those high cadence drills are pretty useless to me. Instead I’m quite bad when it comes to climbing due to insufficient power in my quads. So would it make sense to replace high cadence drills with low cadence / strength drills? And if so, which cadence is recommended for this kind of workout?

I’m a fairly high cadence rider (I typically feel best at about 95rpm) and I try and slot in low cadence work every week or two. My go-to workouts are Mont Albert and Mont Gosford. Around 10 minute tempo/sweet spot efforts and the workout text focuses on lower cadence work and climbing drills.

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I have some advice sprinkled around. Here are some of them.

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I am the same as you. First, check your gearing per event if you’re forced into low cadences. Also, what is your low, 60-70 or 80-ish rpm?

As a 100% MTB racer I still do the high cadence drills (most times), but use long z2 through SS intervals to mix in lower cadences. For example, if it’s 3 x 15 mins, I may do 5 min at 100, 5 mins at 90 then 5 mins at 95. Maybe next interval 5 mins at 70, then 80, then 90. I use my fatigue and motivation as a guide as when is a good day for cadence drills.

It’s easy to play with cadences in longer intervals to break up the monotony and keep form in check when your not hypoxic from the intensity.