Dropper Post for 2016 Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 2

I am looking to add a dropper post to my 2016 Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5. Is this bike able to use an internally routed dropper? The seatpost is a 30.9mm Giant Contact.

I can’t speak to that bike specifically in regards to internal/external, but PNW components makes great posts with all sorts of seat post diameter options, drop lengths and both internal and external. They are resonably priced and I’ve been super happy with mine. Once you sort the cable routing, I’m sure they will have something that fits. Like most dropper companies they have a good tool on their website to figure out what fits your frame

To back up what Jeff said, I installed a PNW dropper on my 2012 Anthem.

It is very easy to install and was very tidy on my bike using the cable routing for the deleted front derailleur.

I just looked up the 2016 Anthem and it doesn’t look like you’d have the standard bosses on the frame to hold the cable as mine does. The Cascade is still a nice dropper with a good warranty and no floppy cable, but you may be able to work something else out internal…?

Jeff/Liam. Thanks for the feedback. I will look into the PNW