Doing your workouts without a shower?

Bit of context… I have no room at home to leave the trainer setup which means by the time I’ve got everything out the shed, plugged everything in and set it up it’s adding 30 mins(ish) each time to set up/pack away which is becoming a right mare.

I have my own office and annoyingly have loads of space there. I have a little room which I have as a storage area but I’m tempted to tidy it out and make it my pain cave… My only problem is the office building I’m in has no showers.

So I can either do my workout before leaving work or have some sort of wash with wet wipes etc. What would everyone do in my situation? Obviously a bigger house is on the cards but that’s more of a long term plan.

I’m on a low volume plan so I could easily get my workouts done on Mon/Wed/Fri. Thoughts?

Shower is a must for me with indoor rides, but that might be trumped with having to set up my trainer every session. I’d try the office set up and see if you can live with no shower afterwards. I ride from work fairly often and sometimes skip the shower but outdoors in winter is a different situation.

It’s such a pain, especially now that I’m back at work having to think about 30 minutes of prep to just jump on my bike when I get home is enough to put off a workout but if the bikes already set up at work I’ll be much more inclined to jump on. I’ve just bought one of those Vacmaster fans so cooling shouldn’t be a problem and the room can get pretty cold anyway.

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There’s also great ways to freshen up without a full shower. I’d still bring a wash cloth and towel to at least rinse off my face for the zoom meeting. Kinda personal, but be mindful of saddle sores, some maintenance down there might be a good idea too. A clean kit in any case is crucial but especially important with a delayed shower. But yeah, a 30 min set up time for an after work session would kill many of my sessions too. Plus, there’s the benefit of having part of the workday to settle down from any interval session, it takes me quite some time to be able to relax after a tough workout. For that reason I rarely do anything more than an endurance ride after work.

If you’re sure you won’t get disturbed in the office, why not. Seems ideal, just before going home.

Long-term, can you lobby your employer to install a shower somewhere? For those cycling to work, off course. You know, greener travel and all that.

How do you get home from work? If it were me, I’d just work out at the office at the end of the day, commute home, and shower at home.


It’s my own office so no chances of being disturbed as I can just shut the door on the spare room I have. I get here by driving, so working out at the end of day could work out nicely. I’ve just found some proper body wipes on amazon which are meant to be used for post-workout when showering isn’t an option so this could work also for sessions in the middle of the day if I wanted to split up my work day.

Thanks all

I often ride outside at lunch during the work week and have no shower at the office…and haven’t for 15+ years. A quick “trailer park shower” does the trick for me…bring a washcloth, soap and baby wipes. Wash your upper body and “under carriage” as best as possible and then follow-up w/ baby wipes to remove any other bacteria / odors. Apply fresh deodorant and get back to work.

To the best of my knowledge, I don’t offend anyone with my stink afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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