Does this plan look overly ambitious?

Started running 2 months ago, attempting “couch to marathon” scheduled for end of April. During the same period biking has been mostly zone 2 long spins. Will start FDT-LV base in December, then FDT-LV build, then Century Specialty for (hopefully) Maratona dles D. in July. Then (again, hopefully) will rebuild and specialize for my first 70.3 at the end of October.

You can see my 2018 TSS on the same chart. Does this increase of training stress scream unrealistic?

I am 40, 173cm, 69kg, recently lost 25kg since 2014, never in my life have been athletic.ATP2019

Probably too ambitious, yes

You’re highest 6 week TSS average looks to be late spring/early summer from 2018 and you will be carrying a higher 6 week TSS load than that 2018 peak from the beginning of January through the entirety of 2019.

If you’ve never trained at that level before then this is a very ambitious increase in training volume.

Hard to say for sure though - maybe your body will be able to take the stress no problem.

This is my two year chart running forward through middle February 2019:

You can see that I’m at a pretty high volume right now but I know I’ve maintained similar throughout the last 18 months so the peaks are not nearly as dramatic for me


Only you can answer that thru trial and error. At 53 years old I bought a road bike and 7 months later finished an epic ride at 120 miles and 15,000+ feet of climbing. It required a large ramp in fitness, and unexpected recoveries and life events (RIP dad) in between. I had been walking and going to spin class to lose 40lbs in the two years prior, but was still carrying a lot of extra weight at 200+lbs.


For what its worth, as a new rider my body responded to a lot of volume. But I also needed take to extra recovery and was routinely falling asleep on the couch at 8:30pm (normally go to bed at 11pm).

Here is “Heart Rate TSS” progression leading up to my first epic ride:

And a year later, my power based TSS progression leading up to first double century:

My CTL (6 week weighted average TSS) was about 90 at both events.

From everything I’ve read, response to training is highly individualistic. However some new cyclists will respond to volume, and I happen to be one of those so take this feedback with a grain of salt.