Does heat training duration need to match ride duration?

Hey all,
I’ve been ramping up my heat training the past few weeks. I have a 150 mile/10k feet climbing race July 31st. Heat has always been a major factor, so I’m doing everything I can to be ready.
The race should take anywhere from 6-8 hours.
So how long do my heat sessions need to be? I just got done listening to the latest episode where they talked about heat and elevation, then followed it up with the SoGF podcast about heat training (while riding in 95 degree temps ironically) but I’ve never heard anything about whether adaptation must be as long as the event or not. Anyone have some input on it? I know the 30-90 minute typical time for a sauna or heat session, but for longer events in the heat, does the sauna/hear exposure need to last longer, or will it have the same effects whether I’m out for an hour or all day?

That seems…optimistic? Even at 8 hours, you are talking about averaging ~19mph / 30.5kph across 150 miles and 10k feet of climbing. At 6 hours, it is 25mph.

As to the question, IIRC, you don’t need to match your duration. Heat workouts no longer than an hour at Z2 pace can provide excellent acclimatization results (but they need to be uncomfortably warm).

You can also hit the sauna immediately after a hard workout or get in a very hot bath.

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The race is the spiritual successor to the old Tour of Park City race. I won that twice overall and had a second place too. Winning times were around 7:05 give or take. It was an insanely tough race (felt more demanding than LOTOJA) since it goes above 10k feet elevation and has 10+ miles of gravel.
As for the heat, it sounds like my regular protocol will work okay then? Hour sauna sessions or hot trainer rides and an occasional endurance ride outside in 90+ temps.


Yeah you shouldn’t need to match duration except to maybe test nutrition and hydration. The heat training affects are physiological that will help you regardless of the duration.

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