Does fasted training make sense for Olympic Triathlon plan?

From what I can recall from the all the podcast discussions, Coach Chad recommends fasted training for lower intensity rides, but the Olympic Tri plan is pretty much all sweet spot or higher (easy rides subbed out for rpe 6 and higher runs). In this case, is fasted training a viable option? Or will it just make the workouts too hard to complete?


I’m in week 5 of Oly Base - I would not want to be doing the 3 x 20min sweetspot fasted, the last interval is hard enough as it is!

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Fasted training will be pretty tough to do in the Olympic Tri plan, but if you are interested in trying it, check out this article:

IT is doable of you have experience in fasted training. In not, do not do it!

Agree with Mark’s statement above. I’ve been ketogenic for about 3 years. It took about 9 months before I was comfortable leaving the house for 3-4 rides with nothing but water and Base Salt. I’ve just more recently started doing IF 3 or 4 times a week (usually on lighter workload days). On heavy days (ie 2500-3000 meter swim interval workout then 1-2 hour TR workout), I’m mostly fasted (no breakfast other than coffee w/ some heavy cream and coconut oil). I’m on week 6 of SSB for mid volume full distance tri and have no problems hitting the assigned power values (actually for the past several weeks I’ve been riding 10-20w above target w/o difficulty). I don’t think that for a 2-3 hour oly distance tri that being fat adapted will be of big benefit; in fact, some studies suggest it may somewhat lower your power output. If you want to experiment with it, I’d leave it for the off season

Only time I did fasted training during my tri days was went I have easy runs/swims/spins in the morning. And I’m talking like easy endurance pace or recovery pace.