Does anyone else take Glucosamine?

I’ve been taking glucosamine and chrondoitin now for a couple of months and my knees, hips and ankles certainly feel better.

Does anyone else take it and have you felt it helping?


I did after getting diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis … did feel better, but I have since stopped and not noticed difference …

I think jury is still slightly out … but if you feel good … do it!! :slight_smile:

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Through my 30 year running career I rarely had knee injuries but when I had a niggle I took Glucosamine for 10 days and invariably the situation impproved. maybe placebo, maybe natural healing but it is cheap and easily available so why not try it.

I think of it a lubrication for the knee joints.

Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator for me…glucosamine and then some. I feel it helps quite a bit in keeping inflammation down.

I used to take it when I did more rock climbing for elbows and always felt that it helped. Haven’t considered it for cycling, but now that you mention it I bet it’d be great for the knees!

As others have said, placebo or not I’ll take the lubrication.

I took it religiously while I was running and I cannot say that I noticed that much of a difference.

I had a partial meniscectomy on my right knee in October 2017 and a partial meniscectomy on my left knee in January 2018. It was at this point that I stopped taking the glucosamine and chrondoitin because #1) I wasn’t running for the foreseeable future and #2) I figured if I was taking it for years, still suffered two torn meniscus was it really keeping things soft and lubricated…I didn’t feel that it was.

This was my experience, but your mileage my vary.

I’ve taken it for about 10 years, and stopped almost 4 weeks ago. Surprisingly feel no difference, although a lot has changed for the better since I began taking (lost 30 pounds, took up cycling, etc.).

I’ve taken it for years dating back to when I started having knee pain. I think it helps. Several times along the way I stopped taking it and each time the knee pain worsened. It might be placebo effect but its worth the few $ a month for me to take it.

I started taking it for knee pain, and last year realized it was a biomechanical issue. About 6 years ago I ran 9:20 min/mile 5k race at a sales kickoff meeting and hurt for a week. The issue had gotten so bad that a year ago doing 5 body weight squats would give me knee pain for a day or two.

Over the last 9 months I’ve slowly fixed the issue, and no more knee pain. While I wear orthotics in my shoes for flat feet, I hadn’t realized what 30 years of sitting at a desk had done to my glutes, and how weak glutes were the real reason for knee issues.

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