Does Anyone Else get Unnecessarily Nervous?

Hi All

This week I tried Leconte on Wed and failed miserably. Think my legs were still tired from the previous day and I only lasted 2 intervals before dropping the intensity by 5%. Turns out I couldn’t hold that either so gave up feeling crap.

Yesterday I repeated the workout ensuring I had fuelled well and my legs had an extra 48 hours rest in them. It was bloody hard but just about got though to the end without stopping or changing the %.

However, I was nervous and slightly on edge all day because I wasn’t sure whether I would crash and burn again. Even though I kept telling myself it doesn’t actually matter in the great scheme of things, I still felt nervous.
Does anyone else get unnecessarily nervous when doing a specific TR workout or when repeating a previous workout you didn’t complete?

Hoping it’s not just me! lol


I think this is normal. Days out from a hard workout I’m jacked up ready to nail it, then the night before I’m questioning my life decisions and binge eating (almost as if I am subconsciously trying to sabotage myself). Over the years for the most part all has went well and I really only failed a handful of workouts by giving up or skipping all together. I found when this happens I usually get so pissed off at myself that I get fully recharged and nail it the next day or make sure I nail the next scheduled hard workout.

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I used to get that way over certain workouts and FTP tests then got even more stressed if I didn’t crush it, now I’ve learnt patience is a virtue.

Your not a machine so if apart from all the obvious like drop % fueling and so on just let it go and move on, you will catch it again and crush it but always worth noting where and why you didn’t do aswell as there maybe areas you need to work on overall

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it’s not just you!! And I think the nerves are a good thing if, as you mentioned, you just remind yourself that it’s not a test, it is just a workout that will highlight what you are good at, and what we suck at! lol.

if you can take these failures and use them as launching pads for figuring out ways that you can improve, it will help you in the long run.

and no, we aren’t alone. but a lot of cyclists that I work with HATE failing a workout and it wrecks them. those that can fail, and come back hungrier, EXCITED to try it again, make massive leaps.

don’t worry about getting anxious, and best of luck!!!



I sometimes do - and then I stop to think 30 seconds about why I’m doing this (purely for me to be in better shape), what the consequences are of a failure (basically nothing), and how that compares to things in real life (not at all). Nothing that can happen in my training can have an impact on anyone else than myself. Many things I do in real life can have an impact on others.

Then I shut up and pedal.


Perhaps its part of you knowing or identifying what you’re not that good at yet. if it’s all workouts I’d suggest re testing and starting afresh. If it’s just a certain types maybe it’s those workouts that are making you a little more anxious. In which case they’ve highlighted something you’re not as good as yet. So maybe you need to be a little tougher with yourself to try and nail them so when you do you’ll get a real boost.
It’s taken me a few attempts to nail a couple of workouts successfully and I just put it down to being limited by current capabilities, not future ones.

Nope. Of course, I also don’t get nervous at start lines either. That drives a couple of my buddies crazy. Not that there’s anything wrong with nerves, they serve a purpose and in some ways may get you revved up and ready to perform.

If you can’t get nervous for LeConte, Mary Austin, and Spanish Needle, what’s the point of living?

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Key point for me. No workout, ride or race defines me, or you. It’s all about the learning. Look at @Nates Strava. He posts his ‘failed’ workouts and he is coming off a fantastic season of racing.

There are days when you’re simply not able to complete a workout and being ok with that will help in the long run, both mentally and physically :+1:

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I don’t know if I’d call it nervous…but I’m definitely amped for a tough session. When I see it on the calendar, its on my mind.

As a point of reference, I’m 49 years old, been cycling since the late 80’s (prior to that, raced BMX). I have only done structured training for 5-6 years on TR.

For tough sessions, I make sure to get adequate rest the night before. I have specific music, specific nutrition, and adequate ventilation and fans in the room. Its like getting ready for battle.

Also, I’ve learned from past mistakes to have my FTP set at a realistic number. I’ve fallen into the trap of the vanity FTP, which for long term gains was counter productive. Not saying, or accusing the OP of this…just saying that it can/might be a factor.

As far as VO2 sessions are concerned, I freely scale those down a few % if needed. But Mary Austin, Lamarck, Leconte, etc…I want to nail those.

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It’s nice to see I’m not the only one and I have no vanity when I come to riding. I just want to get better and see my hard work pay off…but then again don’t we all?!
My conditions are never perfect…I train in a gym with no aircon and I can only listen to a small number of songs as there’s also no Wifi so Spotify won’t work. But it is what it is and I guess if you are always training in those conditions each workout is comparable.

I did Leconte again on Friday and this time managed it which I was really chuffed with. Then tried Wright Peak -1 this morning and legs were heavy after the first 30 minute block (but I finished the 2hr workout by adding longer recoveries in).
Two hour indoor workouts (or 2hr 15 min in my case with the extra rest) are a real physical and mental challenge. I drank a litre of water and still lost 1kg in weight by the end of the workout.

I think with me it’s more confidence than anything else. I am not super confident about my fitness on the bike so it’s easy to have it knocked down a few pegs when you can’t complete a workout. At the end of the day, we all want to feel good when riding and I do find a lot of workouts are pretty psychological.
I’ve only used TR 3 times (always over winter) but this coming year I plan to use it throughout 2020 so fingers crossed.

Thanks for all your feedback, it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I get nervous at the beginning of gran fondos but 2 miles in its gone. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten nervous about a trainer workout.

You may find that doing a whole block or series on TR will calm some of your nerves.

This week was my last week of Sweet Spot II so just finishing a coupe of months of TR.
I think it’s more getting confidence that I can actually complete some of these workouts which seem not just physically hard but mentally really tough not to give up. And if you do have to give up, even because you are physically knackered, that impacts your belief that you can get through the tougher workouts (i.e. over unders in my case)

The mental piece is real, and I do get anxious about falling short. Yea, it’s stupid, but we’re humans with emotions that also happen to hook ourselves up to a lot of sensors and machinery :slight_smile: Was anxiously cranky / dreading doing Mary Austin (-1) just last weekend but got through and felt great.

Same as you, the very long O/Us are the absolute worst for me - I am dreading Leconte this week… I usually can’t complete that and Carp Peak +2 indoors, but got a lot closer on most recent Carp Peak +2 attempt. After that, I’d say MA -1 actually felt not so hard.

Hah I’m actually exactly the same way. I think I got inside my own head a bit with the VO2 work and made it even worse :disappointed_relieved: