Does AI recognise my new Wattbike?

I have been using a wheel on trainer and Virtual Power for nearly a decade and I’ve just purchased a Wattbike.

It just occurred to me that I’ve often heard of having to do a new FTP test when equipment changes…so will AI automatically pick up on this?

And any other advice about using a Wattbike is gratefully received :sunglasses:

No, it really won’t “recognize” in any way that matters. Even if it did, there is nothing it could reliably do in terms of any adjustment since there is no practical way for TR to know or compare any device against another. Far too much variability in general, and particularly so when you add Virtual Power into the mix.

You are best to consider a new FTP test to make sure you have an FTP related to your new device. That is more necessary now since there is no possible way to compare your old and new setup unless you snagged a set of power meter pedals to use between the setups for any meaningful comparison.

In addition to the FTP test, you should create new and old seasons to correspond with the change in your equipment. This will “reset” the current part of your TR Career to give you more relevant tracking of power PR’s with the new equipment.