Do new wheels force me into obeying the N+1 rule of bikes?

Amazingly, I just won some new 2020 Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 wheels in a contest and am having a financial/moral dilemma that I’d like some either rationalization on or a good Batman meme style slap in the face. This wheelset is a disc only version and my current road bike (custom 2012 Seven Axiom with SRAM eTap) is a rim brake bike, so I can’t use it on this bike. My CX/gravel bike (2016 Niner BSB RDO with SRAM eTap) is a disc brake bike, so I theoretically could use this wheelset on this bike, but…

My dilemma is that it seems as though the future of road bikes is going in the disc direction, so would it be more prudent to buy a new road bike for use with this new wheelset? Originally, I had thought about just getting a new disc friendly frame and transferring all of my components from the Seven to it, but I’d have to get new brifters and brakes anyway since its a rim brake bike and that added cost puts me that much closer to just getting a complete build. And Seven can’t braze on new disc brake mounts onto my frame (I asked already).

I do have about $5K from a recent home refinance available, but I’m just concerned that the new bike lust devil on my shoulder is overwhelming the reduce, reuse and recycle angel on the other. Any suggestions, insights or criticisms are welcomed.

Sell the wheels, pay down any debt or put it towards a family holiday / the kid’s fund…

C’mon man this is TR - everyone’s going to say go out and get yourself a nice new disc bike to make use of those wheels, including me :grinning:()


That made me laugh out loud - I’ve never seen the frosted hidden message trick before. Thanks for the support!



For real though, it is quite hard to respond to these types of questions as I myself have asked them previously.

At the end of the day, If you have the money and enjoy riding then go for it. It’s great to have another roadie for winter/trainer use. Yes you could sell the wheels and just carry on riding what you have now, but we could all ride much cheaper and older bikes than the ones we have. Having a set of nice wheels with no frame to use them on is a pretty good reason to get one in my eyes.

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