DK 2020 - Air BnB

I deferred last year’s entry. I’m going this year (hell or high water).

Most of the Air BnBs are gone already.

I’m putting this out there now: If you’re one of the folks that already reserved one and you get into DK AND you have extra space . . . . let me know.

I’m guessing that stuff will open up once the lottery announcements go public but just in case . . .


I don’t have an air BnB, but I did reserve a room at a hotel in town in the event that I get an entry. This will be my first attempt at DK200, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I may look for a different room or see if I can join in with someone else as well. The way it sounds it would be a good idea to start looking immediately after getting notice of acceptance.

If I hear of any available spaces I’ll let you know.

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