DIY Sports powder carb drinks - please share your recipe

Hi all,
Please share your DIY carb mix’s

  • what ratios
  • where do you buy the bulk powders from
  • How do you flavour it?
  • Salt - do you just use table salt?

Thanks from the UK!


Hi UK too

20-100g Caster sugar (I use a protein scoop for ease, levelled is 60g carbs and 1L bottles - up to 90-100g/bottle)
1 x Heaped Tsp. Trisodium Citrate (Salt - not the table variety).
1 x Heaped Tsp. Citric acid.
Optional - 1 x Heaped Tsp. hydration mix for flavour (any flavoured sports drink or I even use orange/blackcurrant squash sometimes).


750ml bottle
120g -150g table sugar
lemon squize
1-2g salt
5g bcaas, 5g beta alanin, taurin
sometimes 80g sugar and 40ml maple syrup

drink in 1-1,5hours

works perfect!

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40 grams of maltodextrin
60 grams of whatever powdered fruit drink on sae at the store. OR gatorade.


maple syrup
himalayan pink salt
squeeze of lemon and/or lime

no specific ratios… just eyeball
works a charm


I probably need to update the megathread, but currently…

500ml Bottle

  • 40g (MyProtein) 100% Maltodextrine
  • 30g (Holland & Barrett) Fruit Sugar
  • Mini scoop/ 4g (Bulk Powders) Electrolyte
  • Dash of cordial (pre-brexit, was Vimto, now an own brand “Summer Fruit”)

I’ve moved to that ratio a couple of weeks ago (no race last weekend). Yesterday was the first race with 2x500ml bottles (instead of one 750ml, in a 2:1 ratio). Seemed to work well (plus a gel), with a 64km solo attack to take the win!


I’ve been experimenting for about a year or two with mixing my own sports drink.
I’ve settled on just doing a flavorless mix with a 1:0.8 ratio. I love the mild taste and can drink it all day. I adjust the amount depending on my rides. 90g per hour for longer/harder rides. 60g per hour for 2 hours or less of easy riding. The harder TR workouts indoors are all done at 90g/h. I fuel all my rides with liquid carbs in this way.
I mix maltodextrin (Star Nutrition, purchased online in Sweden from and fructose (dansukker, purchased at my local grocery store). I add one gram of electrolyte mix (purchased from or more if it’s hot outside. I mix 135g (75g maltodextrin, 60g fructose) in one 750ml Elite bottle and that will get me through 1.5h of hard riding. I got two large 2kg buckets that I keep the stuff in in my kitchen.

In the US I bought some maltodextrin on Amazon that tasted like corn. I couldn’t drink it and it foamed a lot in the bottle so you might have to shop around for a brand that dissolves well and doesn’t taste horrible.

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I find fructose insanely sweet. Surprised you described it as mild?

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Salty sweater in LA. It’s hot here.

2 x 1000ml bottle

Hard days

40g Maltodextrin
30g Fructose
5g Sodium citrate
2 sachets of lemon crystals.

  • 1 sis gel per hour

Endurance days

50g Maltodextrin
10g Fructose
5g Sodium citrate
2 sachets of lemon crystals.

Only reason I add the fructose is to offset the saltiness of the sodium citrate.


There’s a whole other thread dedicated to this. Here’s my recipe for 90g of carbs. Details are in the post in the SIS Beta thread.

1/2 cup maltodextrin
1/4 cup fructose
1 tab Nuun sports hydration

After having used this recipe for 18 months, I now put it in a 1 L bottle (roughly 33 oz) and use heaping measures of the maltodextrin and fructose. If I can down a bottle in an hour then I’m comfortably above 90 g/hr.


3 tablespoons Gatorade powder
5 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 pinch of salt
16-24 ounces of Water
90grams of carbs


Great thread. :slight_smile:

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@Foodpedaling Please clarify if my math is wrong. According to my labels, 1 TBL sugar is 6 glu/6fru and 1 TBL Gatorade is 40 (which my best guess is 2:1 so therefore 26glu/13fru).

So your 5 TBL sugar would be 30glu/30fru and 3 TBL gatorade powder would be 79glu/40fru for a grand total of 179g.

Gatorade powders nutrition label has it as 22g per 1 2/3 TBL

My fitness pal recipe

Ah rats, you’re right. I unnecessarily confused myself between TBLs and TSPs. I’ll figure all this nutrition out eventually…

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The part about Amazon Malto tasting like corn worries me. Can anyone recommend a US brand that doesn’t?

FWIW I plan to mix it with Gatorade mix.


I’ve been using sugar and Gatorade mix the last couple of months - currently Frost flavor. Add in some sodium citrate (1 tsp) if going to be a sweaty one. Recently switched from 2:1 sugar:gatorade to 2:1 gatorade:sugar. Honestly not sure if the ratio of the two matters all that much.

60g/hour is mainly what I use. Hard group rides or an event and I do 80g/hour.

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Now Foods and Muscle Feast maltodextrin both have a completely neutral flavor.


Thank you!

Interesting. It is sweeter than the maltodextrin but I find it much less sweet than anything you can get off the shelf.

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