Distance to Road Racing events

In the podcasts Nate and the gang are always mentioning its a 5-6 hour round trip to get to USAC road races( Sacramento I believe). To me this doesn’t sound all that bad as the closest USAC
road races are about 11-12 hours away round trip (Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Albuquerque). How far do yall travel to get to road races? There are plenty of mountain bike racing here in the Texas Panhandle and the occasional Fondo but no real road racing.

20 mins to an hour, if that. Every weekend from now through CX is a race weekend of some sorts. Road racing isn’t quite dead yet in CO.

Half an hour to 3 hours, Ireland isn’t very big. Road races every weekend until September, it’s a good vibe.

I’ve driven 6-7 hours for time trials before from the north of Scotland, only do it for special races tho, normally no more than 2 hours.

I’ll be driving 6 to 12 hours for track racing this summer. All that driving for maybe two hours if racing over a weekend.

Up to 13 for a couple of gravel events.

Otherwise 1.5 to 2 hours for road. Everything is based out of one city.

Distance is definitely perceived differently in the Western US vs the Eastern US…I used to have no problem driving 4 hours (El Paso->Tucson) for a crit or 2, now that I live in NC, the thought of driving more than a couple hours for a road race seems like too much. It’s odd.

To me 4 hours of driving to an event would probably mean an overnight before (and potentially after too). Most events are within 1.5 hour around London but if I want hills or cobbles a 4/5 hour drive is needed to either the North of England or Flanders

Here in UK…usually max of 60-90mins. Most more like 30-40 mins for CX or time trials. Most events close enough to cycle to which acts as warm up!

I do a few races that are around 2.5 hours away but that is because I’m kind of lazy and there are a sufficient number of races close by.

On the other end of the scale, I have ridden to and from races before and 3 of the local crits I do every year are literally on parts of a couple of my normal training routes.