[Discussion] The ultimate #2 bike

What qualities do you look for in a do-it-all “quiver killer” bike?

I can imagine that many of us have a dream of having an arsenal of bikes for many different uses but that’s not exactly in the cards for those of us on a budget. Let’s say you are a single discipline cyclist that has a bike purpose-built to your discipline, what would qualities would your ideal #2 bike have? Does a bike like this already exist or would you be forced into the realm of custom bikes to get what you want?

As a road cyclist, I will always have my road bike with race geometry and carbon tubulars. In training, I ride my road bike on all surfaces and lack of tire clearance seems to be my only limiter. So basically what I would want in a second bike would be the same, snappy road geometry but with clearance for cross tires. With that I could race cross, gravel, and even road races. I’m not too worried about comfort, as I am already comfortable on my road bike.

Does something like this exist? Maybe not exactly, but the most recent model S-Works crux looks like it has racey geometry and of course plenty of tire clearance. If I ever have the money for it I would totally talk to a custom frame builder about making a bike like this.

Do you have a do-it-all bike? What are it’s plusses and minuses?
I would love to hear what you think about this topic.

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