Disc Wheel Re-indexing and limit screw adjusting

I recently got a Zipp 900 disc wheel for the purpose of being able to go faster on my TT bike. I’m finding that when I put it on the bike that the limit screws are off by 4 gears. Is this a common occurrence? Is there a better way of dealing with this than changing the limit screws and indexing every time I want to use this wheel?

Put some spacers in.

4 gears is about 20mm! Not only is that not common, I’m not even sure how it’s possible. Have I misunderstood?

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Was thinking the same thing.

Yep, it really is that much space, I will try to take some pictures with both wheels

I’m no expert, but this big silver lug is the problem:

I see each wheel has a different skewer. Not sure if their different overall widths or what, but that spacer should not be there. Maybe that lug needs to be on the outside, moved to the other side of the wheel or removed entirely. It also seems possible the skewer is the wrong length and that’s why it’s there?


While looking to see how to move spacers or anything like that, I took apart the wheel further than I had before. This part, which held on the freehub, seemed to have been put on backwards. I flipped it around, and everything just worked when I put it all together.


It set up for track use currently, you need to change the axle over to road. I have the same Disc, two difference axles. .