Disc brake caliper compatibility

Quick question about caliper compatibility. I’m building up a gravel bike that has post mount brakes. I want to use Ultegra di2 (8070) which it looks like there is only a flat mount brake offered. I looked into this briefly and it looks like I cannot use an adapter to go from flat mount to post mount. Does anyone know what other post mount hydraulic brakes might work with this setup?



Yes, it’s no problem to achieve what you want. You can use a Shimano road post-mount caliper in place of the flat-mount caliper. For instance, you can mount an Ultegra 6870 series BR-RS785 or BR-R785 post-mount disc caliper onto the brake hose of any of these flat-mount brakes: a Dura-Ace R9100 series brake, in place of the flat-mount BR-R9170 caliper, an Ultegra R8000 or 6800 series brake, in place of the flat-mount BR-R8070 or BR-RS805 caliper, or a 105 R7000 or 5800 series brake, in place of the flat-mount BR-R7070or BR-RS505 caliper.

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Thanks for the comprehensive response. Appreciate it.

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Well, I take no credit other than Google-fu (I’m decent at search sometimes). Zinn is the real monster of knowledge there.

Thanks. I looked for a bit but I read a few things as if they would not be compatible with that di2 lever which seems ridiculous but I was nervous about buying something that wouldn’t fit.

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