Replacing Shimano BR-M675 SLX brake with Shimano BR-M7100 SLX brake

I have an 8 year old mountain bike (Santa Cruz Tallboy w/ Fox fork) with Shimano SLX BR-M675 hydraulic brakes. My front brake caliper blew a seal. In an effort to get this fixed fast and economically can I just buy a new 7100 SLX brake lever/ caliper combo (which comes assembled with hose and prebled) and expect it to bolt on and work? I think this will work as my point of attachment on the fork is post mount and I run 160 rotors (so no spacers needed). So aside from sliding the new lever on my bar and bolting the caliper to the fork and centering it there is nothing else to do as this is prebled, correct?

This is what I was going to buy

That should work as long as the mounts match you frame (flat mount or post mount).

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Yep, should work fine. I always find the pre-bled hydraulic lines to be way too long and I can’t stand having all that hose flapping about so I end up cutting and bleeding them anyway.


This is post mount, isn’t it?

Yup, post mount.

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