Shimano Flat Mount Bolts w/ SRAM AXS Calipers?

Title of the thread mostly says it all: Anyone ever use Shimano flat mount caliper mounting bolts with SRAM flat mount brakes? I absolutely hate the T-25 SRAM bolts, as they tend to strip out way more easily if you ever have to fiddle with disc brake caliper alignment upon brake pad change, wheelset change, etc. To me, 4-mm hex bolts make way more sense in this application. My understanding is that all of the thread pitches should be the same, given that the flat mount standard is universal. Am I missing something?

One particular question: with regard to the rear 160mm rotor adapter configuration, are there any issues with the protrusions on the Shimano bolts (for the safety pin) sticking out too far through the adapter that they hit the actual caliper?

You talking about the SRAM Titanium bolts? Get Stainless instead.
Note the exact size as they come in a lot of lengths (measure the shaft, not the head). They might be too long if you’re stripping them. The Shimano ones should work fine.

On another note: you can’t use a Shimano 160/140 adapter, as they are all different.

I have, works perfectly well on the front, but as you guessed the protrusions foul on the rear caliper. However I just bought some ‘normal’ bolts of the correct length and hey presto!

I actually went to my local hardware store and found some bolts that work with 4mm hex heads. I’m not sure why I thought these would be custom fasteners. Never discount your local hardware store, folks!! They’re basically all M5 (or “5mm”) bolts. Odds are a store near you has them in almost exactly the right length. No need to wait for your bike shop or an online retailer to order bolts that cost way more than what you can find high quality stainless replacements locally (about 85 cents per bolt).

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