Different prices

What? I have been subscribed that long? DANG!!!

Sure… But this was just to illustrate how beat time to pay for something is now…otherwise you are speculating

To all the recent users, my annual subs over the last 7yrs+ has helped pay for the development of plan builder / podcast / calender / AT, etc.

You can all thank me later :wink:


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I don’t know when I joined, I can see in my FTP History I set one in Apr 2011 so maybe that’s when I joined?? Anyway, until grandfathered pricing came in I was only a casual member, signing up for a few months every now and then, letting it lapse for a year or two, rejoining, etc. Never really committing to the service or training plans (not that they existed 5+ years ago if memory serves).

When grandfathered pricing was announced, I signed up for the full year for the first time, and have renewed for the full 12 months each time since and probably will continue to do so for the future unless something radical changes (more likely with my lifestyle/situation than with TR). For my situation it seems a win/win for myself and TR: before I would only join for a few months here and there when my outdoor riding was limited, now I am using the service 12 months of the year (Outdoor workouts is a key feature); and TR is getting way more revenue from me per year, even on the discounted rate, than they ever got from my few months of membership per year previously.

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Nvidia just announced a similar pricing strategy - new subscribers pay more, existing subscribers pay the existing prices indefinitely.


It’s a good strategy to encourage customer retention, but not so good at customer acquisition. Companies that go the other way and present attractive newcomer pricing, such as many service providers and insurance companies, tend to then battle with churn, and often have “customer retention teams” who bend the pricing rules to retain existing customers threatening to leave. In the end, as a supplier you need to pick a pricing strategy that matches your overall business strategy, enjoy its benefits and minimize its negative impacts.


I think it is great for a company to reward long standing customers.

Well done TR.

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