Did SSB2 LV change? (Low Volume)

Yeah, I just did a manual swap in the calendar - really easy, another plus of the feature.

Wish I’d spotted the change before Huffaker on Tuesday though!

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Seem like you also switch week 4 Leconte to Mary Austin and week 5 Mary Austin by Leconte ? Not against but i have to say that nail those workout give me a great feeling of accomplishement

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Thank you for this post. I was a bit unsure earlier today watching it and now I know I’m not crazy.

It makes me wonder if I should do it twice…

Mary Austin seems to have been made easier. I think that it used to be steps of 95%, 100% and 105% with a 0.91 IF. It’s now 92%, 98% and 102% with a 0.89 IF.

I too used to feel a massive sense of achievement after doing that one.

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Yes, those VO2 max workouts did used to feel intimidating and a huge challenge. Quick question. As my trainer takes around 10 seconds to build to VO2 power levels, will I still get the same benefit from short intervals? Do the higher 125-127% intervals compensate for the trainer delay? Should these workouts be done in resistance mode instead? I’m tempted to keep the old workouts in my plan for that reason. Thanks.

Hmm…is that really true? Looking at TSS / IF for new vs old workouts I get:

Week 2: Gendarme+3 (74 / 0.86) vs Huffaker (77 / 0.87)
Week 3: English _ _ _ (80 / 0.89) vs Mills _ _ (77 / 0.88)
Week 4: Agassiz-1 _ _ (85 / 0.92) vs Spencer (78 / 0.89)
Week 5: Bashful+2 _ _(91 / 0.96) vs Kaiser __(86 / 0.92)

To me from the numbers the new plan (left) looks a bit more challenging?

Already did week 2 Huffaker (old plan). Starting with week 3 I’ve just put both plans side by side in the calendar. Should I go by feel each Tuesday or chose one plan (old / new) and stick to it (more consistent TSS growth)? So you’d prefer the newer plan @chad?

@Ian Obviously the plans can change over time but one thing I’d appreciate is the return of the archived plan section of the website. I’ve followed plenty of the TR plans over the years, mostly slightly modified to include my running and swimming.

For me it would be useful to be able to look back and see how I changed the plans and how they worked for me compared to how they were prescribed at the time. At the moment I can look back at the rides I did in my Base and Build from a few years ago but have no idea of whether the rides I did were the prescribed ones or ones I swapped out for something else.

It’s been restored, @Tri-Bri, but you have to choose it instead of the default Mary Austin -1 that’s now in the SSB II plans.

None, @Shrike.

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@chad Woo-hoo!! She lives! It was my ‘big test’ workout and would never have been the same. Thank you - ‘though of course I won’t be thanking you 75 mins into it! :rofl:

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Agreed! I’ve done Mary Austin a few times in the SSB plans and its real marker workout. If you can complete that things are going well and Leconte the following week looked ‘easy’ :grinning:

well is this the good or bad thing that I’ve already added all the plans to my calendar?

Those short power jobs with incomplete recovery are quite daunting on their own. Seen at least one of them in short power build.

Sending out a notification (email to start?) to users who currently have the plan on their calendar would be a great feature. Now that we have the calendar a lot of people will have months of plans applied, with plenty of time to change to the new plan, if we only knew something has changed.

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It’s funny that you use the word “daunting”, because some days i felt like a hero with them, other days a complete zero. Those old ones HURT.

I know that the longer VO2max intervalls really hurt and that shorter intervalls can be mentally easier. But for my slowly reacting smart trainer it’s not. It takes me up to 20 -30 seconds to hit the target power and then the short VO2max intervall is already over. Can you please also consider hardware limitations when changing the plans.


+1 I never would have known had I not stumbled upon a different post that led to this post… Maybe even adding an “Updated!” notation next to any plans that get updated and a little blurb at the top of the page of the plan stating what was updated and why (basically the info sprinkled throughout this thread). Maybe a “Last Updated: xxxx” line on the page of the plan could be helpful as well and/or some way to track when a plan was added to the calendar vs. when it was updated last (probably a harder task).

fortunatly I saw this thread and modified my plan accordingly.
Did Gendarme +3 yesterday, as part of SSB2 M. I was very curious, never having done Gendarme before.
In fact the cardiovascular load is more like a SST/THR session. Only the legs are doing VO2max.


Did gendarme + 3 last night. Gendarme is too easy. This was not. :joy: Skipped two hours in the second set.

In my opinion the VO2max intervals were too short already. And now they’re getting even shorter, is that what you´re saying!?
Nordic skiers usually have the highest VO2max of all atlethes and from what I know they do a lot of 4 minute intervals when they do VO2max training.
I’m kind of old school, so I think I’ll stick to 3-4 minute intervals as my tuesdag workouts. I can’t see that shorter effort would be as beneficial. For anaerobic work yes, but not when training VO2max.

Jesus, Bashful +2 in a “base” phase???

I’ve tried it and it nearly killed me. In fact I created a custom workout called Bashful +1.5 with slightly longer recovery intervals.

@chad, are you sure about this? I get the change to shorter interval vo2 workouts but an hour at 0.96 is going to see a LOT of failure.